The start of the scientific sessions of the World Conference of Forensic Education in Doha

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On Saturday, 16/4/2016 was the first scientific session of the World Conference on Education and legitimate ways of promotion sessions and is currently held in Doha the capital of Qatar under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Qatar, and the organization of the IUMS, it seems that there were a global presence of scientists and academics, researchers and intellectuals attend.

The head of the first meeting was the Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Khalili - Vice President of the Union, and Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Aziz participated as rapporteur for the hearing and its secretary.

Also three scientific presented their research hearing addresses by: Dr. Safwat Halilovic where he presented a research entitled "crisis of contemporary Islamic education and how to address them – the seen of Muhammad Asad," Sheikh Mohammad Hanif Jalndahry who presented a research entitled "The Reality of forensic education, its advantages and its problems and requirements, the researches ended in the first session by the research presented by Dr. Mohammad Saleh Algersai under the title of "the pillars of science teaching and learning on the face of a true".

The session ended after listening to the interventions of the audience and their questions and respond to them by the head of the session and speakers.