Istanbul Conference continues its sessions to discuss its upcoming family charter

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World Congress of the Charter of the family hold its eighth and ninth sessions on the evening of Tuesday, April 5, 2016 to complete the discussion of attendees and participants to the chapters and items of the global family charter and the forthcoming issued by the conference to start introducing international forums as an alternative to CEDAW which received extensive objections from countries and organizations around the world stage.

It should be noted that the eighth session was chaired by Dr. Naziha Maarej - President of the Women's Committee of the IUMS, and took its secretariat Rapporteur of Dr. Ahmed Labiad, and dealt with the third and fourth chapters in session of the Charter.

Dr. Wasfi Ashour chaired the presidency of the ninth scientific session, and took its Secretariat Dr. Omar Abdul Aziz Bahauddin, and dealt with Chapters V and VI in session of the Charter.

The session ended after listening to the interventions of the audience and their questions and respond to them by the Chair and speakers.