IUMS calls for a global indignation for Aleppo

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Sheikh Ali Qara Dagi - Secretary-General of the IUMS – calls the Islamic and Arab nation and the free world to a Universal indignation on Friday September 30, 2016 under the slogan # be angry _for Aleppo, to support the city of Aleppo that perish at the hands of the fascist Syrian regime and his supporters under the  view of the world who did not stand to help except with the national meetings that did not solve the problem, where the remains of hope in ALLAH Almighty to grant victory to the Free Syria revolt against its enemies, then in globally popular conscience that should have the duty to support the people and this issue.

Sheikh Qara Daghi also called scholars and Islamic preachers and imams around the world to devote this Friday Khotbah on Aleppo and their struggle and steadfastness in the face of genocide which they are exposed to, and the role of the nation and the world, and scholars to be at the forefront of the angry nation’s people and put pressure in order to lift the injustice and oppression on Syria and other grieving and destructive countries.

Sheikh Qara Dagi called the international community to stop the policy of double standards and to lift any cover for Bashar al-Assad and his regime and his aides and support the Syrian people in the liberation journey, stressing that the nation will not remain weak and handcuffed for long periods and its libertarian movement will start from one moment to another.