Raissouni: Preventing Kabbaj from candidature ... Is there a suspension of the constitution and the law?

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After nearly two weeks of heavy fire, done by trumpets uprooting malevolent against Moroccan citizen, Mr. Hammad Kabbaj, the intended result came from behind the press campaign ... Interior Ministry has decided to prevent Hammad Kabbaj from candidature for parliamentary elections next  October 7. The Ministry has justified its decision by saying "the mentioned one through public occasions had positions against the basic principles of democracy, which is sanctioned by the Constitution of the Kingdom, through the spread of extremist ideas inciting discrimination and spreading hatred, and violence among the components of Moroccan society."

It is no secret to the observers that the word of the Interior Ministry is identical to the content of the media campaign, which involved against the Kabbaj a group of Hadathawiyeen the allies of corruption and tyranny mercenaries.

This complete harmony between sects Hadathawiyeen and Makhozniyeen has reminded me, the historical meeting which we were invited to in May 2003, the home of the Interior Minister then Mustapha Sahel, who was accompanied by the writer of the state in the Interior Fouad Ali El Himma.

The invitees to the meeting with the two ministers were the members of the General Secretariat of the Justice and Development Party, led by Dr. Abdul Karim al-Khatib, and I was with them, as President of the Unification and Reform Movement, or my capacity as the first defendant in this meeting...

In this meeting we listened to the two thread pleading, presented by the Prosecutors Mustapha Sahel and Fouad Ali El Himma. The two pleadings were addressed against the ruling Justice and Development Party and the movement of unification and reform, and against specified people by their names, specified them after saying in general.

I have a witness now, is that the two ministers had read and speech words are a replica of what we read in that time, in the newspaper (Moroccan events) ... the same charges, the same analyzes and interpretations, the same citations, the same terminology, the same prejudices...

I was that day –and still- wonder: Is (Moroccan events) constitute a political reference culturally Interior Ministry source? Or that what is published by this newspaper and other ones made in the Interior Ministry and is derived from its apparatus?

This confusing question has renewed by me this morning, when I read instrument indictment issued by the Interior Ministry against Mr. Hammad Kabbaj, and preventing him from his rights and legitimate, constitutional and legal right. Is the ministry interacted with the press campaign for its sons and grandsons were affected by it, so it decided to dos all laws and conventions and values in order to prevent Kabbaj, based on the merits of the campaign and pressure? Or whether they are from the Move campaign and providedit with the necessary materials, in order to promote them, and to justify an extension to declare the ban in time?

In conclusion, all democrats and human rights are in front of a difficult test today: It was the most important achievements of democracy and human rights enshrined in the Moroccan constitution, the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco, "confirms its commitment to human rights as they are universally recognized."

It will prevent Kabbaj from candidature falls within the cling to human rights as they are universally recognized? Is there a single democratic state in the world prevented citizens from candidature, based on demagoguery documents slapstick?

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