Qara Daghi: I hope that the conference would be an effective incentive to resolve the economic crisis in the Region of Kurdistan

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Mr. Dr. Ali Qara Daghi; the head of the Board of Trustees of the University of Human Development and the Secretary-General of the IUMS,  has arrived on Tuesday morning, 19-4- 2016, to the territory of Kurdistan from the international airport of Sulaimaniyah. He was welcomed by Mr. Dr. Marivan Ahmed Rashid, president of the university and the Eng. Mr. Hussain Negmeddin the Messenger of the head of the highest group of the Islamic Association of Kurdish. Notably, the visit of Mr. Qara Daghi was to participate in the third scientific conference of the League of Human Development that must be held on 20-21 / 4/2016 in the second section of the University in Sulaymaniyah. And he will deliver a speech as the chairman of the Board of trustees at the in the second day of the conference.

It is worth mentioning that the third scientific conference will be collaboration between the University of Human Development and the Polytechnic University in Sulaimaniya and the organization of the Kurdistan Strategic Studies and scientific research.

Qara Daghi made a speech on Wednesday morning, April 20, 2016, at the opening session of the Third International Conference of scientific guarantees to welcome the guests of the conference, political figures, and hoped that this conference will be an effective incentive to solve the economic problem in the Kurdistan Region.

Qara Dagi called in his speech to cooperate in order to move to safety and be away from the blame on each other and the parties have to take the responsibility to their own people and to put a strategy with some plans to solve the political-economic crisis in the country, especially that the country has the human and material fortune of which we can take advantage of them and put the country in the ranks of developed nations.

His eminence called the parties in his speech to sit together and develop gradual plans to get to good governance.

It is worth mentioning that the activities of the conference will continue for two days and his eminence will tell a research on the second day of the conference