Qara Daghi warns of a civil war that leads Iraq to an unknown future and stresses on the importance of going beyond partisan interests to surpass the crisis in the region

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The Secretary General of the IUMS, "Ali al-Qura Daghi," warns of a civil war that leads Iraq into an unknown future, as the case in Syria.

Qara Dagi said in the statement made by the agency "Anadol" from his office in the city of Sulaymaniyah, the Kurdish region in Iraq: "The danger bells clanged for Baghdad, due to the political developments that took place during the last stage," adding that the political crisis in Iraq has affected the region, and reached the Shiite community in Iraq as well, noting that "the Shiites are in the case of a split because of the crisis, and Iran is trying to fix the situation, but it is a very difficult situation."

He pointed on the "weakness of the Sunnis in Iraq, because of the war and political conflicts," he added by saying, "There is no commander combines the Sunnis in the country under one roof, and be a religiously reference to them, each Sunni group has its own commander, which makes them the first who are exposed to damage during political and security crises."

Qara Daghi stressed on "the need from all the Islamic countries to move, and to take a united stand, to prevent crises in the region," pointing out that "no one can harm the Muslims if the countries stand together, but some disputes are preventing it."

With regard to the Syrian crisis, Qara Daghi explained that "the situation in Syria reached what it is in foreclosure time, because of the wrong policy of the Arabs, and the Israel's attempt to exploit the crisis, since Israel does not want a strong neighbor or even weak, but nevertheless, the moderate opposition will succeed, by Allah’s willing, so the Syrian people will be like the old days."

Qara Daghi also pointed on the need that the Kurdish political parties should narrow partisan interests to overcome the lingering crisis in the region.

He noted in an interview with Kordio, to the importance of the discussion and the negotiating table between the Kurdish political parties, indicating the need to get out of the crisis that beset the Kurdistan province, at the current stage, by bypassing the narrow partisan interests, and consider the public interest.

Qara Daghi also expressed his readiness to carry out any reconciliation between the Kurdish parties, stressing on the need to sign an honor pact between the parties to get out of the current crisis.