Zindani is thanking Turkey and its knight Commando

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Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zindani, head of Yemen Scholars Association and the (member of the IUMS) pointed in a statement released by him, his thanks to the Turkish state for their great services to the Muslims issues, especially the Yemeni issue.

The statement described Turkey as the banner carrier of the Caliphate on earth, and it upheld the honor of Muslims and protects the religion and the nation.

The statement said that the enemies of the nation did not managed to colonize Muslim unless they conspired to caliphate in Turkey in a world war, as he described.

He added that Muslim countries are exposed to a new round of imperialist, and that Turkey has contributed with its brothers in the construction of the Islamic coalition, to restore the great role in the defense of Islam.

The statement said: "Thank you Turkey, and your knight Commando", in reference to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He added: "Thank you Turkey on what you are doing from the military and political efforts, economic and security distinct for the betterment of the Islamic Ummah (nation)."

The statement was made thanks to Turkey for its brave role in Gaza, and standing next to Qatar, as well as their positions on the "precious sincere with Yemen," according to the statement.

Zindani also gave his thanks to Turkey for standing by the side of the "Egyptian people who are oppressed by their rulers and opponents," according to the statement.

He also thanked Turkey for the supervisory positions in making the shelter for the oppressed of the Islamic Ummah.

He ends the statement by saying: "Thank you Turkey for your return to the embrace of the Islamic nation that have missed you, and to your incredible role in doing the prospects of progress and civilization."