Qara Daghi: The Systems chose to drop their countries to guarantee their survival

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In a follow-up of what is going, the war extermination against the Syrian people Sheikh Ali al-Qara Daghi commented on the crimes that occur in Aleppo and wondered about the terrible silence of the rulers in the Arab and Islamic worlds and in his tweet on Twitter, the General Secretary of the IUMS:

A black day in the history of our nation! A terrible silence in all the palaces of governance and parliaments of the Arab and Muslim world!

Non besides ALLAH can avert it!

He added: "How thousands of pictures did not move the feelings of the decision-makers in the Arabs and Muslims countries to defense of the oppressed in Syria?!"

Speaking about the Arab revolutions Dr. Qara Daghi explained that the Arab revolutions stand to topple the authoritarian regimes, but these regimes decided to topple those countries and said:

The revolutions did not target to topple the country and entered a civil war, but wanted to topple the authoritarian regimes

But the systems chose to drop their countries to guarantee their survival!!

The Secretary-General has published a picture on Twitter showing the case of most of the  Arab rulers, where he puts a picture of three skeletons do not hear and do not speak  and do not see and publish the words below it:

"This is the status of most of the Muslim rulers towards the tragedy of Aleppo! Denounce or condemn at least!"

He ends in an influential tweet in which he said:

We do not need the day of wrath to the Cham

But we need the Cham so we do not fall under the wrath of ALLAH Almighty!

And hostilities has escalated in Aleppo city, which its neighborhoods were exposed days ago to violently bombarded by airline of Al-Asad system and Russia, no hospitals and health facilities has been excepted, as well as civilians, as well as the deterioration of the humanitarian situation there

# Aleppo_ is burning