Sheikh Qara Daghi denounces the international silence in front of the fascist Al-Assad

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Sheikh Ali Qurah Dagi - Secretary-General of the IUMS – denounces the international silence towards the massacres committed by the fascist Bashar al-Assad against the free Syrian people, and in particular what is happening in Aleppo these days of daily bombing that kills dozens to join hundred thousands of martyrs who were killed by Assad and his regime and auxiliary militia in recent years.

Qara Daghi called the organizations of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations to quickly move to save the rest of the Syrian people under bombardment of Assad aircraft and his aides towards humans and stones and trees without any move of the international community except for some protocol moves that no longer have value because they did not deter this fascist regime for the killing of the Syrian people.

Sheikh Qara Daghi also made his call to Islamic and Arabic and the free world to move to put pressure on the international community to have a positive role in favor of the rescue and relief of the Syrian people and stop the massacres and pogroms and the Holocaust perpetrated against them not only everyday, but every moment.