Sheikh Qaradawi meets one of the a eldest Scholars of Turkey... and President Erdogan gives him a book ‘Vision of World Peace’

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a book "Vision of World Peace" to the Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, during his visit with the committee that organize the Festival Thanks Turkey

The head of the IUMS had met in Istanbul, his classmates in Egypt, Sheikh Mohammed Amin Siraj, one of the eldest Scholars of Turkey

Sheikh Qaradawi said in a tweet with a picture published on his official account in the social networking site Twitter, "in a memories meeting after so many years with the classmate in the study inEgypt, Sheikh Mohammed Amin Siraj ; one of the eldest Scholars of Turkey."

Sheikh Mohammed Amin Siraj, a Turkish scholar, received his study at the hands of some Sheikhs at the Al-Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, such as Sheikh Mohammad Khosrow Effendi, an elder sheikh at Al-Fatih Mosque, the head curators Sheikh Suleiman Effendi.

Al- Qaradawi renewed his thanks to Turkey, saying: "We came from various countries to express our gratitude and thanks to the country, contemporary Turkey, which has defended Islam, thanks Turkey, and its president and its prime minister, all ministers and their leaders, we do not mean one side but thank everyone, we thank the people of Turkey for everything they gave to the Ummah, each one of the sons of Turkey, because they felt that their duty is to defend the Ummah."