Qaradawi: Oh ALLAH, your enemies has shown us their strength so show them Yours

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Syrian opposition began on Sunday a broad action in the district of the city of Aleppo to lift the siege that was imposed by the Syrian regime forces and sectarian militias, and to support them and anchor their jihad Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi, president of IUMS, wrote praying for them:

Oh ALLAH, Be to our brothers the Mujahideen in Aleppo a Supporter on the day when the support is less, and a Helper on the day when the help is less, Oh ALLAH hit their throw, and strengthen their feet, and give them the victory on your enemy and theirs.

Oh ALLAH, the enemies have piled on your protectors… Oh ALLAH, be to our brothers in Aleppo a Supporter and a Helper. Oh ALLAH, your enemies has shown us their strength so show them Yours.

Dr. Ali Al-Qara Daghi general secretary of the Union also praised in the historic steadfastness in Aleppo through the resistance and people in front of the Russian - Syrian arrogance and the terror militias when he said: # Aleppo is making a historical epic in the challenge and withstand barbaric attack by Russian and Syrian Airways and here it is making another epic to lift the siege Oh ALLAH support them and give them victory.

Dr. Salman al-Awdah has called for the intensification of prayer and urgency to the Almighty God to heal the break of the people of Aleppo and strengthen them where he wrote on his official page: Oh ALLAH mitigate our brothers in Aleppo, heal their wounds, have mercy on their weakness and hastily their relief Oh Strong Oh Dear, strafe the titans, OH GOD OH GOD

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