Qara Daghi: paying a bribe to get a service is contrary to the true doctrine

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Date: May 14, 2016

Sheikh d. Ali Mohiuddin Qara Daghi Secretary-General of the IUMS, denounced what is affirmed in the Muslim world of bribes, corruption, and indicated that this is contrary to Muslim doctrine, his eminence said in his Friday sermon today in the Ms. Aisha Mosque: If you accepted a bribery Where is your faith, where is your education, your values, It's a very serious issue on the level of the individual and the risk of any adult and small people.

He added "we have to be conservative on this integrity and should not make our work that deserve the curse of Allah Almighty and the curse of His Messenger, peace be upon him and deserve severe punishment in this world and in the hereafter.

The resources are great

His Eminence began his speech saying: ALLAH Almighty has created the universe integrated, economic integration, and financial resources, so that ALLAH Almighty created in this universe all that is needed for human, and all that could help the human develops himself, and popularized by the universe, therefore there is no real shortage of financial resources, as ALLAH Almighty created in this vast universe, God Almighty blessed it, and then said (put in it the sustenance) commentators said that ALLAH Almighty create in this universe of sustenance and livelihood and what people needs and is enough and bring him prosperity in the earth and them.

Reply to the capitalists

He pointed out that this is a response to some economists capitalists who say the problem with respect to their view is in resources, but there is no problem in the scarcity of resources never, but the problem in two things, the first thing: not to exploit this universe and not to invest optimal investment with least assignments second thing: which is most dangerous than the first thing, even if there is no first order for material the resources in the universe is enough for humanity as a whole, and the second thing is the misuse of the resources and injustice in the distribution and the dominance of some of these resources and stealing by some the most of these resources.

The misuse of resources is the problem ... The second thing is what we will talk about in this sermon, which is called “financial corruption” this corruption that is exploited by the big ones, by officials and by decision makers who take their rights and more and the rights of susceptible people, as well as taking from the natural resources in an unfair amount but very huge amount.

The official’s corruption

He continues I discovered this day, dozens of governors and presidents and hundreds of politicians and party leaders revealed the big money they had stolen and then they infiltrate it to a safe pleasures, and these papers revealed also the economic analyzes and economic sources of the International Monetary Fund revealed that more than thirty trillion tuning deposited into these safe pleasures and they do not pay the taxes because stealing abroad then infiltrate it, all these thefts from the peoples from companies from the bribes from money laundry all the Forbidden money that is so-called stealing money these funds thirty trillion if distributed to the world  and disbursed in development, there would be no more poor one in the whole world and the world will become a committee of the Gardens of Allah on earth, also African and Asian countries did not get the resources of their country due to the rulers.

Good governance is required

He said that if the governance spend the thirty Trillion correctly, the world will become grat that every single will not live a usual but a very comfort life, while the thefts detected by the International Monetary Fund also said that his manager at the World Summit on the fight against corruption are two of trillion of dollars and is well known and discovered it was stolen of peoples and stolen from people's wealth unlawfully, this is some of the thirty trillion. Most of these countries we are sorry that it is located in the Arab world and the Muslim world, on the top of it Iraq, Syria, Somalia and elsewhere.