Qara Daghi praises to the move in Yemen and calls for the support # Iraq and # Syria

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Dr. Ali al-Qura Daghi called to move quickly to support Iraq and Syria from the hands of sectarian militias, calling to move and stand against sectarian terrorism, as what happened in Yemen, he said in a tweet on his account on Twitter:

The move in Yemen was required...

But to stand at it and let our brothers in Syria and Iraq suffer from sectarian militias and terrorist is a terrible mistake and we will pay for it intensely.

The General Secretary of the IUMS directed a message that the nation will not remain indifferent to these terrorist crimes practiced by the militias, sectarian and religious hatred when he said:

How long our cities and our villages and our women and our children will remain a permissible target to gangs and sectarian militias messing with their security and stability and their lives?!

# Iraq #Syria # Yemen

This statement comes in the light of the escalation of sectarian rhetoric among the popular crowd militia leaders and leaders of the Shiite party, at the time with the military operation launched by the Iraqi army and the crowd in Fallujah.