IUMS strongly condemns the execution of Sheikh Nizami in Bangladesh

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IUMS strongly condemns the execution of Sheikh Nizami in Bangladesh

Sheikh Ali Qara Dagi - Secretary-General of the IUMS – denounces the authorities act in Bangladesh by the execution of Sheikh Jalil Motie Rahman Nizami - the Islamic group's leader in Bangladesh - citing a judicial decision that is politicized in every sense, and ignoring the calls that asked them to stop the implementation of this unjust decision which was led by president of the Union and the secretary-general and members.

Sheikh Qara Daghi also condemned the international and global silence towards the just causes, especially when related to Islam and Muslims, and warned that the absence of justice, and human rights, is what set off a spark of militancy and extremism, the main reason then is the tyranny of the dictators and the silence of the world on them and even support them sometimes.

Qara Daghi called the OCI and Islamic countries to return to ALLAH Almighty and fear of Him, stand with justice, and face the injustice and addressed wherever it is, and to differentiate between the unjust decisions of the institutions carrying Justice name while it is far away from the Justice and achieving it among the people, and the real justice the peoples seeks and encircle it and do not find in our time, unfortunately.

Sheikh Qara Daghi alsopray for the deceased Sheikh Motiur Rahman Nizami the mercy and forgiveness, and may ALLAH Almighty accepts him with the martyrs and the saints and the prophets and the companion, calling on ALLAH Almighty to bless the family and his brothers and loved ones and bring patience and fortitude on them and continue on the road of the right.