Qara Daghi: Bad news ... the song "thanks to your hands" Turkish release will not be broadcasted

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The most beautiful saying from the Turkish people to Erdogan said in the demonstrations this night: Who is supported by the mosques will not be beaten by the missile

Dr. Ali Al-Qara Daghi Continued throughout last night the failed coup attempt in Turkey, and issued a fatwa # by the name of IUMS that going out on a legitimate state elected is illegal and Muharram it is a major sin.

Dr. Qara Dagi said Turkey will emerge much stronger after this failed coup attempt and the Turkish people will stand behind the wise leadership that he was able to break the coup in a professional manner, surprising the European and the US from this failed operation position where he said: Remarkably, is mysterious and shameful American and European diplomatic attitude toward the coup in Turkey! 

They were wishing the success of the coup without a doubt!

Secretary General of IUMS said that the plot was to bomb the residence of Erdogan and his assassination but ALLAH’s peace fainted the eyes of the Putschists were unable to harm it. Praise be to Allah and thanks to him

Also he sent a message to those who support and were joy of the failed coup attempt in Turkey and those who supported the coup in Egypt, saying: bad news the song "thanks to your hands" Turkish release will not be broadcasted. The secretary-general salute the great Turkish people, who get down to the street and dropped the coup by a Skype call from elected President

Let us worship to Thank ALLAH  that enabled slaves and ashamed coup and ask ALLAH to perpetuate the security of Turkey and other Muslim countries # the coup- failed