Sheikh Qara Daghi condemned the murder, imprisonment and repression of innocent people in Kashmir

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Sheikh Ali Qara Dagi - General Secretary of the IUMS condemned the killing of citizens in Kashmir, under any pretext, stressing on the blood sanctity of innocent people demanding their right of living, freedom and a decent life, also condemned the targeting of citizens imprisoned or injured intentionally or suppressing their freedoms.

Sheikh Qara Daghi denounced the status of international silence towards what is happening to the Muslims in many countries, including Kashmir that is suffering for many years, and it reached the violent crackdown on the demonstrators, by killing more than 30 innocent citizen, and injured more than 400 citizens, in addition to repression, as it reached its range to prevent the leaders and the symbols of the Islamic work to go out of their homes even to perform the Eid prayer, warning that the repression didn’t benefit throughout history although it might give temporary gains but they are fleeting, but the respect for the people and the preservation of life are the first in the management of affairs of the country and its people.

Qara Daghi demanded the power in Kashmir to stop the killings and the targeting of citizens or the suppression of freedoms, calling all to uphold the public interest of the country and to find solutions for the current crisis and the crisis of Kashmir in general so the countries will enjoy the safety and security, stability and devote themselves to building and reconstruction, which is the basis of human message in earth.