Qara Daghi condemn attack on Nice and Hollande have to apologize immediately for the racial statement

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Sheikh Ali Qurah Dagi condemned the attack that took place yesterday in Nice -France and has killed more than 84 people dead and a number of the injured, the Secretary General of the IUMS also condemned French President Hollande's statement, who said that France are all under the threat of Islamic terrorism before the conclusion of the investigation and before identifying the assailants, Dr. Dagi Qara said in a tweet on Twitter:

The attack of # Nice is condemned by all legitimacy standards, mental and humanity! And condemn the statement of # Hollande, which he described as "Islamic" terrorist! Islam is innocent of the killing of innocent people!

Secretary General of IUMS demands the French President Hollande an apology immediately from this racist statement, he said:

Hollande have to apologize immediately for his racial hateful statement! Otherwise he will take legal responsibility for any attack on Muslims in France and Europe!

Dr. Qara Daghi called not to put the foolish follies on the Islamic Nation since we did not put on Islam perpetrated crimes of Christianity during the colonial period and said:

Is it possible to carry the fool of a group that they say they belong to Islam for more than a billion and seven hundred million Muslims! Did we hold Christian the colonial crimes?