IUMS denounces the trying for brutal military coup in Turkey, and salutes the support of the Turkish people for their leadership and their elected government.

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IUMS denounces - in an announcements for the General Secretary Sheikh Ali QurahDagi moment ago - of trying a brutal military coup and who has done by some troops which belong to the Turkish army, at a time when the high Turkish military leaders rejected the coup, stressing that it does not represent the army and orientations, we appreciate its position.

Sheikh QaraDaghi also stressed that the Union Lefty that this coup is out on the legitimacy of the Turkish state elected and it is religiouslyillegal but it is a major sin, in addition to being an uncivilized act and hurt the interface of civilization of the Turkish Republic and its reputation.

Sheikh QaraDagipraised theTurkish people  who get in large numbers to the streets and squares in Ankara and Istanbul and elsewhere to support the Turkish President Erdogan and the Turkish government elected in a seen that show the awareness of the people to the gains that have been achieved in Turkey and cannot be undone for the personal interests of the ephemeral group coup losers, demanding the crowds to continue their support until the coup completely fail and take the punishment on their outrageousactions.
QaraDaghidemands this coup forces to stop the brutal movement, and not to fall into the sin of shedding any blood inside Turkey, and recognition of their guilt and failure, and uphold the Turkish public interest, and respect the will of the people and not to jump on them.

Sheikh QaraDaghi called to protect the people of the Turkish Republic and the leadership, government and other Muslim countries of strife and coups and evils.