Al-Awdah: Brotherhood need bravery in reviewing attitudes and correct errors

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Dr. Salman Al-Awdah called the Muslim Brotherhood in different countries to review their positions and apologize for its mistakes, pointing out that it is widely Islamic faction, which requires the courage to announce the incorrect positions.

Dr. Awdah, through a tweet in the social networking "Twitter" in response to a question by a follower on the mistake that the Brotherhood has made: "God bless, and the Muslim Brotherhood is a widely Islamic faction that needs aggressive in reviewing its positions and correct its mistakes and to practice on the bravery in declaration and apologize."

It is noteworthy that Dr. Awdah, stressed more than once, that he does not related to the Muslim Brotherhood, but he did not attack the group, but he defended as a matter of fairness in many media interviews.

Muslim Brotherhood is moderate

In an earlier video Al-Awdah talked about the Brotherhood, pointing out that it is moderate group, but they have not attained neither they nor others the perfection, and not approach the Prophet peace be upon him, it is a broader approach from everyone, stressing the need to look at the positive aspects of all.