Qara Daghi: The communication between Morsi and Hamas is conspire and the visit of Shoukry to Israel just a kinship!

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Secretary-General of the IUMS, Dr. Ali Al-Qara Daghi, mocked from visiting Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh to Israel, at a time when former President Mohamed Morsi prosecuted on charges of conspiring with Hamas.

He said in a tweet on the social networking "Twitter" site: "Morsi communicate with Hamas is conspiring and betrayal! A visit from the system’s foreign minister to the Zionist entity and embrace Netanyahu and standing next to the statue of Herzl, is just a kinship!".

The activists and professors of history, has denounced the emergence of Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry next to the statue of the inventor of the Zionist movement, "Theodor Herzl", in his press conference, compiled by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the Zionist entity, Sunday, seeing it as a message from the occupying by holding on the establishment of the Jewish state, and to reject any proposals relating to peace, or to grant the Palestinian people their own.

And the private photographer of the Israeli Prime Minister, take the picture intentionally from the far right of the room in order to show the statue to its owner Herzl, an Australian Jewish journalist and playwright, and the founder of modern Zionism, he was born in Budapest and died in Austria, and has several books calling for Zionism, including the book "The Jewish State ", which demanded a plot of land to be state of their own in 1896.

Some activists cited of the quotes attributed to Herzl as saying: "One day we shall put the worst of the Arab people as leaders until the Arab peoples graduated with flowers and herbs to receive the Israeli army", while others questioned about the truth of his saying due to his death before "Israel" has occurred.