Qara Daghi: safety provisions in Islam include all the innocent non-combatants

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In his analysis of the provisions of the Safety «treaties» and who deserves it, Dr. Qara Daghi believes that Islam as a religion of security and safety, gives the safety to every safe person who did not fight Islam, and he continued, it is well known among scholars that the safety provisions permeated every safe human being who is innocent and didn’t fight Islam and Muslims, as indicated many verses and hadeeth on the assault on the sanctity of any spirit, but on inanimate objects and the environment, the Muslim is to be a viable useful reformer non-spoiler.

Islam denied terrifying animals and hurt it, Bukhari and Muslim narrated in their script from Ibn Omar that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: (A woman tortured in a kitten she imprison it until it died and entered the fire because of it, she did not feed and water it but she locked it, nor let it eat from the vermin of the earth).

They also narrated from Ibn Omar that he moved by young men of Quraish had erected a bird and throwing him, and they have made to the owner of the bird all wrong from the nobility, when they saw  Ibn Omar they dispersed, Ibn Umar said: Who did this? Allah’s curse be on who did this. The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him cursed who took something with spirit as purpose, and also narrated that Anas said: (The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him to be deter to mummify animals).

And Muslim made a special door for the forbidden of hitting the animal in the face, and labeled it as he narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet, peace be upon him saw a donkey moving by him had been labeled in the face, he said: (May Allah curse the one who labeled it), and thus preserved to Islam even by the beauty of the animals and not to harm it, therefore in the narration for a Muslim mentioned that peace be upon him, forbade the beating in the face, and the label in the face,  the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him did not accept the tragedy of the bird as narrated by Abu Dawood and the Hakim, and others from Ibn Mas'ud said: we were with the Messenger of Allah him in a travel when he went to the toilet, we saw a bitumen with its two pullulate, we took its pullulates, they made came blushes exposure, the Prophet came, peace be upon him and said: (who hurt it through its child? Return its child).

Islam locked the door of intimidation and terror and abuse hardly, forbidding all its forms, whether accidentally seriously, or humor, not only prohibition, and a curse, and away from the mercy of ALLAH, and the torment with fire for those aggressors and who terrifies, but proceeded sanctions like retribution and borders for the protection of human religion and himself, and his mind, and presented, and his descendants, and his wealth, and security of the psychological, social, and proceeded supplementary penalties are subject to the discretion of the judge to protect the holy sites and to achieve security and peace for all, even for animals by all means available.

4. Teach young people from a young age that intimidation or terrorism was not knighted Ancestors, but from extremists’ recipes:

When studying Islamic history starting from the caliphate clearly we find that the intimidation of innocent safe was not of the qualities of true believers, but was nominated compassion, and if there are those who deserve punishment, this is done by judicial proceedings by its rules.

The balance of the war has its privacy. However, it imposes a set of moral and humanitarian controls in case of war (as we will see).

If there is a kind of intimidation in Islamic history it returns to some precious deviant groups, or extremist, one of a great scholars in the third century, said: (he was annoyed by many of the sayings of Bashar ibn Burd and his atheistic poems): (I swear to ALLAH, for the fact that gheelah created the ethics of the Gaelic I could have sent to him who hurt his stomach on his bed).

And the religion of the extremists that they have taken assassination a way to eliminate who disagree with them, which showed some party of them the stranglers like the Magherah, and in Kufa late Umawiya dynasty, Nawbakhty says from Abu Mansur Al-Ajly the head of Almtsourih (he ordered his companions to suffocate from the pious and kill them for assassination, he says, who disagree is faithless so kill him, this is hidden jihad), Al-Jahiz mentions the means of those Alkhanaqan and photographs of murder and torture by suffocation, and through the ropes, dogs and the like, has wreaked extremists and esoteric teams havoc on the ground in the fifth and sixth centuries, they killed the best rulers and preachers and scholars they did not stop but they entered the Grand mosque and shed blood of the pilgrims in the center of the mosque around the Kaaba.

The head of internal Batiniya were in the sixth century Hassan Sabah, has sparked fear in the Islamic world and made himself a castle called the castle of death and the fact that a difference of assassinations of some of the top scientists and ministers of the regime of King and other .;