IUMS strongly condemns the terrorist bombings in Saudi Arabia, and describes the bombing as deprave and criminal, and calls for a global conference for the treatment of this dangerous deviation.

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Doha, 30 Ramadan 1437 H

Corresponding to July 5, 2016 

Statement by the IUMS on terrorist bombings in Saudi Arabia, near the Great Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him

IUMS Strongly condemns the terrorist bombings in Saudi Arabia

It describes the bombings as criminal and deprave

And asserting that it stands with the kingdom against terrorism, extremism and militancy

And it calls for an international conference of Muslim scholars and politicians to treat this serious deviation.

And the Union prays to ALLAH Almighty to preserve Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim countries from all evil or mesmerized.

IUMS strongly condemns the terrorist bombings that took place yesterday in Saudi Arabia in each of Medina in front of the Mosque of Prophet Muhammad and the cities of Jeddah and Qatif and claimed the lives of five people, at least –consider them as God’s martyrs - and we assure that we stand with Saudi Arabia, and we consider these bombings as terrorism and a deviation the radical in an extreme forms after the terrorists dared to try to undermine the Haram al-Sharif and the sacredness and the tomb of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him.

The Union calls for an international conference of Muslim scholars and politicians to treat this dangerous deviation.

The Union warns of continued terrorism in the criminal attempts to undermine Muslims and their sanctities and feelings, which lead to sedition, that no one know its extent exceptALLAH Almighty.

The Union demands the Muslim world to stand with Saudi Arabia and condemn what happened, and face terrorism, extremism and militancy that take the lives of hundred thousands and even millions of people, whether at the hands of militant organizations, perverted, or despotic regimes, all of them do not watch a believer neither save nor pact.

The Union confirms that Islam is innocent of these criminal acts that take safe lives and shed pureblood, and criminality was such a serious condition; which did not respect the sanctity of that time (of Ramadan) and sanctity of the place (Haram), and the human entity.

Also it emphasizes that the perpetrators of these bombings are the Khawarij of this time and they destroySunniscountries wherever they even reached their insolence of bombing and murder near the Messenger of Allah mosque, peace be upon him, also destroyed the Sunni cities with their stupidity, and killed worshipers in Kuwait, in Yemen and other countries of Islam.

And pray to ALLAH Almighty to protect the city of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and the country of the Two Holy temptations both obvious and hidden and to hurt the Khawarij if they want to hurt Muslims.

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                         Mr. Dr. Ali MuhiuddinQaraDaghi

                 IUMS President                                                          General Secretary