Sheikh Qara Daghi: What happens in Fallujah sectarianism hateful and systematically terrorism

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Date:27 May 2016 

Sheikh Ali Qurah Dagi declared-The General Secretary of the IUMS – that the extermination that is happening in the city of Fallujah and in particular for Sunni Muslims, there is a systematic terror that has been worked for years to make demographic change in Iraq at the expense of the Sunna, and so hateful sectarianism that does not take in to its account any religion nor the law or any general humanitarian principle.
Qara Daghi also condemned in his state of the unjustified global silence, where the international community stands a spectator only to those extravaganzas and massacres which lies on the ground in Iraq without having lifted a finger, while taking place schemes to serve the goals of tearing the Islamic Ummah and weaken, and in many parts of the world.
Qara Dagi called the nation's scholars to clarify the right of the world, inviting people to say its word freely, and pressure for defending the oppressed and to stop participating in the injustice or support the unjust.
Sheikh Qara Daghi also denounced the false calls that the genocide that is happening is for the restoration of the cities, these arguments what Allah has not sent down by the Sultan, calling on the Iraqi government and the militias the popular crowd to stop sabotage and destruction of all Iraqi cities, and stop sectarian series that will not come no good for the country or its people.
Sheikh Qara Daghi end his word by directing his remarks to the free world and to the global relief organizations to provide a helping hand to the Iraqi people and to the people of Fallujah, in particular, to raise part of the suffering of the people of the rest of the brave and steadfast.