IUMS mourns scholar Sheikh Muhammad Hashim Majzoub Al-Rifai bin Mohammed al-Husseini Bahgat El-Shafei Damasci

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Doha: 18 Ramadan 1437 H

Corresponding to June 23, 2016

We have received with hearts full of satisfaction of Allah’s will, the death news of our generous brother the scholar Sheikh Faqih patient the rest of the Ancestors Sheikh Mohammed Hashim Majzoub al-Rifai bin Mohamed Bahgat Husseini Shafei Damasci at Fajr of Wednesday June 22, 2016, in the city of Damascus, at the age of 81 years after long struggle with the disease.

The deceased Abu Abdullah, or "Little Shafei" as nicknamed in Damascus, was born in 1935, received his learning by the most prominent leaders of several Imams Sheikh Ahmed Al-Arbeli and Mohammed Saleh El Akkad and Scholar Sheikh Abdallah Al-Jallad and Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Habbal.

Hafez al-Assad jailed him for 22 years in Tadmur prison, and he did not loosen to any channel and had not bargained on his religion and his knowledge and dignity by a word.

Majzoub al-Rifai, owner of the famous phrase "Religi on is not for sale", was active in Harasta and was loved among the people, and gave lessons in preach in its mosques, most of them were in the Al-Rahman Mosque, of hisremnants "the final say for the resolution of the dispute" and the book " Manasik Hajj for Imam Nawawi ", and investigation into the " Fasting Book "of Sheikh Mohammad Saleh Akkad.

Islamic nation has lost one of its scholars, asking Allah Almighty to forgive him, and bless his soul mercy wide, forgive him and grant him the best reward, honors and honorable, and expands resting place, and enter paradise, and hailing him Habeb His pleasure and mercy, and put him the Day of Resurrection in Alaliyn with who blessed them from the prophets and saints and martyrs and the righteous, and inspires his family,  and loved ones, and his colleagues, and his students patience and fortitude.

 He is Mawla and He is the respondent.

 Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al Qaradawi                                                     Me. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara Daghi

              IUMS President                                                                           General Secretary