IUMS mourns to the nation the jurist Abdul Bari Zemzmi

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IUMS mourns to the nation  the jurist Abdul Bari Zemzmi

President of the Moroccan Association for Studies and Research in the jurisprudence of calamity 

We have received with hearts full of satisfaction with Allah's will, the death news of our brother Sheikh Abdul Karim Bari Mohamed Zemzmi; member in the IUMS and the President of the Moroccan Assembly for Studies and Research in the jurisprudence of the calamity, and who died on Wednesday evening, corresponding to February 10 2016 after he was terminally ill in the recent period.

Sheikh Zemzmi - Allah's mercy be on him- a pioneer of moderation in Morocco, calling A master of Islamic jurisprudence in fact, a descendant of the well-known scholar family called the Ghemariyeen father is: Sheikh Mohammed Zmazi Ghemari and from his uncles the speaker Sheikh Ahmed Ghemari and the speaker Sheikh Abdullah Ghemari, Allah's mercy be on them, Sheikh Abdul Bari took the road of his father and his uncles at work idiosyncratic and advocacy since the sixties of the  last century through Khotba and religious lessons in the mosques of the city of Tangier and the nearby cities, then he moved in 1976 to the city of Casablanca to say the Friday Khotba in several  mosques, before settling as an Imam and preacher of the Red Mosque in the Old City.

Sheikh "Abdul Bari Zemzmi" has released several books and articles and columns in a number of Newspapers and magazines.

We ask the Almighty to grant his soul with mercy and to inspire his family and his disciples and loved ones patience and fortitude and good comfort, He is the Mawla and He is the Mujeeb.

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                                     Mr. Dr. Ali Mihiuddin Qara Daghi

          IUMS President                                                                                      IUMS General Secretary