The situation concise in the state of Jammu Kashmir territory

By : Abdul Rashid Turabi

In the name of Allah most Merciful, most Graceful

Dear brother, The Eminence Sheikh / Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, may God protect him, 

President of the IUMS

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah;

Subject: Day of solidarity with the Kashmiri people (5 February 2016)

After a good greeting and blessing,

I would like to draw your attention that the people of Pakistan allocated 5 February 2016 as a day of solidarity with the Kashmiri people since 1990, as the country celebrates; the people and the government, by making celebrations, rallies and human chains as a solidarity with the Kashmiri people to demand the right of self-determination from the clutches of the brutal Indian occupation in accordance with the UN resolutions.

On this occasion, I appeal to the leaders of the global Islamic movements to support the just cause of the Kashmiri people in their countries to revive the Issue among the people of their communities.

And I inform you that the Kashmiri people, who have been deprived of their legitimate right - democratic right to self-determination -pledged by India as well as the international community through the UN Security Council resolutions, and these decisions are not implemented yet because of the intransigence of the Indian government and the lack of interest of the international community in doing the political pressure and diplomacy, it may be due to return to the Kashmiris that they are Muslims, and they want to be part of the Islamic nation after getting rid of the decade Indian authoritarian.

Therefore, this blessed Intifada they are doing deserve moral and material support to systematically and continuously without interruption.

Please make sure to check out the special attention to the support of the oppressed brothers in Kashmir and provide us with pictures and articles about your activities on this occasion so that we can interest published in the local media.

The situation concise in the state of Jammu Kashmir territory

It is no secret to those who care about the issues of the Islamic nation's destiny, that the state of occupied Jammu and Kashmir is the state Islamic dating back to several centuries and an area more than 84 thousand square miles, and 85% of the population totaling to 15 million are Muslims. So it should have been joined this state according to decision of the subcontinent of South Asia for the year 1947 to Pakistan. But India came forged document on behalf of the Hindu king Hari Singh to make it a justification to bring the state to India in order to make it a base for its plans and insured against the Islamic world and its holy places.

But the Muslim Kashmiri people did not admit that the forced annexation of the state to India and raise a confidential jihad to liberate the state from the inherited India, and was able to liberate more than one-third of the state. If this Jihad continued the Mujahideen could’ve managed to liberate the whole state. But India has realized this and took the initiative to raise the Kashmir issue to the UN Security Council so as to get time to consolidate the lists. The UN Security Council after discussing the issue export the decision in January 8

1949 ceasefire referendum to decide the fate of the state to the fact that accession to India or to Pakistan. And India accept it immediately after its release, there are many statements for the leaders of India indicate their pledges to the UN security Council resolution. But India were not serious in pledges for the decisions, but it want to make a misleading the world public irrigation in this way to gain time to consolidate their lists of occupation in the state.

After it is able to achieve its heinous goals, it announced its rejection of the international issue decision in 1956.

On the other side India continued repressive methods to exterminate the Muslims in Kashmir, and in addition to the plans for destructive cultural strike against Kashmiri Muslim people during that period. And samples for the massacres of Muslims Kashmir is in the desorption committed in Jammu city on 6 of November 1947, which led to the killing of more than three hundred thousand Muslim civilians, in addition to the migration of hundreds of thousands of them to Pakistan.

Despite all these injustices and brutal repressive tactics to limit fair claim the right of self-determination, the Kashmiri people continued peaceful efforts to persuade India to implement international decisions for more than forty years. But these peaceful efforts did not lead to any positive result, and that's what made the Kashmiri Muslim people to raise a Jihad Raya again in the beginning of 1990.

Since that day, the Indian occupation forces in Kashmir, that are more than eight hundred thousand Hindu soldier continues their repressive methods against the Kashmiri Muslim people, for no fault except fair cause to liberate their land from brutal occupation.

Below you will find a list brutal injustices carried out by the occupying forces in the state

Since January 1989 to 31 January 2016 

The number of martyrs, men, women and children

49,305 martyr

The number of martyrs who were killed under the army guard

7,042 martyr

The number of detainees

132 734 detainee

Number of shops and homes destroyed

106,055 home and shop

The number of widows 22,808 widow

The number of orphans

107 550 orphan

A number of Muslim sisters were raped by a collective

10.169 Muslim

In light of this tragic situation in the occupied Kashmir, the people of the Kashmiri Muslim establishment on Feb. 8 of each year as a day of solidarity with the Kashmiri Muslim people, since the beginning of the current jihadist movement in Kashmir in 1990.

And in that regard the Islamic group decided to take this opportunity to draw the attention of the global Islamic movements to establish this day as a day of solidarity with the Kashmiri Muslim people.

For this we are pleased to take this opportunity to draw the attention of Your Eminence establishment on Feb. 8 of each year a solidarity with the Kashmiri people is recognized as a symbol of Islamic unity following the words of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him: (Believers in their mutual love, are like the body if something complained to falter, the rest of the body to ensure fever). {Motafaq Alayh} on this occasion we extend to Your Eminence some suggestions to take what it takes to declare solidarity with the Muslim brothers in Kashmir.

1. Conference seminars and a rate to raise awareness about the importance of the issue of Kashmir Muslim Islamic issue.

2. Publish articles in magazines, to show the issue an Islamic issue.

3. Broadcast seminars and words of TV channels and radio stations to show the importance of the issue of Islamic issue.

4. Send messages to the rulers of the Islamic countries to exert pressure on India to resolve them in accordance with the International decisions, by taking decisions from the Islamic Summit Conference and Foreign Ministers of the Islamic Conference.

5. Drew the attention of the Organization of the Islamic Conference(OIC) and the UN Security Council to exert pressure on India to resolve the issue in accordance with the international decision.

6. Establish a special fund for the martyrs, the wounded and the families of disabled persons in Kashmir.

We are sure that you will agree to take what is necessary to establish February 8 as a day of solidarity with the Muslim Kashmiri people, and to kindly brief us about your activities and in that regard, so as can show them to the media as a symbol of Islamic solidarity with the Kashmiri Muslim people. Thank you very much.

I wish you luck and repayment time.

Peace and mercy of Allah,

Abdul Rashid Turabi

President of the Islamic Community of Jammu and Kashmir Free State (Pakistan)

And a member of the World Supreme Council of Mosques in the bundle of the Muslim world

General Coordinator of the Coordinating Council for all Kashmiri parties