IUMS statement condemns Al-Qusayr massacre, calls for real Muslim surge to defend Syrians

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IUMS statement condemns Al-Qusayr massacre, calls for real Muslim surge to defend Syrians

All praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon God’s messenger, his family, and companions;

The International Union of Muslim Scholars follows the daily developments of the situation in Syria, and the serious levels of suffering reached which reveal the bloody and barbaric nature of the Syrian regime that exceeded all expectations. The regime did not take into account any of the ethics or traditions acknowledged at wartime, opting to destroy everything and everyone, killing the people even children, women and seniors, so much that even animals and nature were not spared his injustice and assaults.

The dangerous and atrocious massacres taking place, particularly in Al-Qusayr, a town of Homs governorate, which were carried out by the oppressive Syrian army, backed by militants of Hizbullah and others, and lead by fanatic Iranians, drives us to call for general mobilization as a duty on every Muslim inside and outside of Syria to defend and rescue our brothers by all means possible and all capacities available.

In light of this painful and serious situation, the IUMS calls for and affirms the following:

First: the IUMS condemns in the harshest phrases the atrocious crimes and barbaric practices committed by the Syrian regime against its people, particularly in the town of Al-Qusayr, and considers these crimes as beyond the level of crimes against humanity.

Second: the union calls the Muslim nation to launch a real Islamic surge to defend their brothers in Syria, especially in the town of Al-Qusayr in Homs governorate, since this is a duty on the whole nation – its people and governments – and since the failure to act in this regard is considered an obvious sin and crime for which a person is to be held accountable on Judgment Day. "A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim; he does him no injustice, nor does he forsake him (to be the victim of another's injustice)”, as the hadith declares. Rather, a Muslim is obligated to defend and support another Muslim as Allah says: {but if they seek your aid in religion, it is your duty to help them,} [Quran: 8:72] and ordains us to face the unjust, transgressing side with everything we’ve got until they return and comply to God’s command by ending the killing and maltreatment of people.

Third: the union calls the Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic cooperation to hold an emergency meeting to reach an Arab-Islamic decision to stop the massacres carried out against the Syrian people, and pressure Lebanon to withdraw Hizbullah members from the Syrian territories, prevent them from interfering to support the oppressive, transgressing regime, and urge Iran to end their support and collaboration in the killing of the Syrian people.

And Allah is our Protector, is sufficient for us, is our Defender, and He is the Best Protector and the Best Defender.

Doha: 13 Rajab, 1434 H

Dated: 23 May, 2013

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi                                               Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

IUMS Secretary                                                     General IUMS President