Al-Qaradaghi receives the Grand Mufti of Kosovo

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Al-Qaradaghi receives the Grand Mufti of Kosovo

The Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars received Wednesday afternoon March 24, at the union headquarters, a delegation of the presidency of the Islamic Community of Kosovo headed by the Grand Mufti of the Republic of Kosovo sheikh Naim Ternava, and Bassem Mohamadi, Assistant Manager of the President’s office, and Prof. Khayr Ad-Deen Khoja.

The Grand mufti clarified that the visit comes within affirmations of the desire to further relation between the IUMS and the Islamic Community of Kosovo. According to the Mufti, Kosovo witnesses a huge Islamic awakening despite the suffering of the Kosovan people, despite remaining for more than a hundred years under the communist rule, and the presence of more than 320 missionary organizations. Yet all these factors, as the Mufti clarified, did not succeed in obliterating the Islamic identity of the Kosovo people, but rather made them cling even more to their Islamic identity and the proof is the existence of 800 mosques and more than 300 schools in different regions of the country and the fact that 

Kosovo presented to the Muslim world many honorable scholars from among its citizens.

On his side, the Secretary General welcomed the honored guests and hoped their visit will be the start of building and cooperation together with the Community of Kosovo since the ICK is in charge of Dawa efforts (invitation and education about Islam) and since Kosovo is a Muslim country that lies in the heart of Europe. The Secretary General also referred to the several statements issued by the union in support of the Kosovan efforts.

During the meeting, the attendees discussed the horizons of future cooperation between the ICK and the IUMS to support the moderate method of religion, and to rationalize the awakening, and the means to achieve this end. In this context, the Grand Mufti praised what Qatar and the Qatari people provided to their brothers and sisters in Kosovo.

At the end of the meeting, the Secretary General presented a gift copy of his new book "The Strategy of Comprehensive Development and Economic Policies” to the honorable delegation.