Ghannoushi: Fundamentalists are a danger for Tunisia

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Calling for firmness and imposing order following the attack on the US embassy

Ghannoushi: fundamentalists are a danger for Tunisia

Deputy Secretary General for Minorities at the IUMS and head of the Islamic Al-Nahda Party sheikh Rashid Al-Ghannoushi said that salafi jihadists pose a danger for Tunisia and that the Tunisian state should use firmness after the attack on the US embassy.

He continued that "every time some groups or parties transgress freedom, firmness must be used as well as insistence on imposing order.”

Ghannoushi added that "these people constitute a danger not only to Al-Nahda but to public freedoms in the country and its security. That’s why we are all confronting these groups, but in ways that respect the law”.

On another level, Ghannoushi refused accusations to the Tunisian government of laxity for refraining from arresting a jihadist leader called Abu Iyad suspected to be involved in the attack on the US embassy and an American school in Tunisia last Friday.

Four protesters were killed, 49 wounded and 91 police officers wounded within these clashes.

Seif Allah bin Hussein, known as Abu Iyad who leads the Ansar Al-Sharia group in Tunisia, gave a speech afternoon Monday at the Al-Fath Mosque in the capital, surrounded by his supporters but was able to leave the location undisturbed despite the intense presence of security forces at the beginning of his speech.