IUMS mourns the departure of Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Omar Naseef

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IUMS mourns the departure of Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Omar Naseef

All praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon God’s messenger, Muhammad, and upon his family, companions and followers;

The International Union of Muslim Scholars received with deep grief the news of the departure of Abdul-Rahman Omar Naseef - may Allah have mercy on his soul - brother of professor Abdullah Omar Naseef, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, and professor Fatima Omar Naseef, member of the IUMS Board of Trustees.

The union extends its condolences to brother Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, and sister Dr. Fatima Omar Naseef and their honored family and supplicates to Allah to enthrall him with his mercy, forgiveness and resurrect him with prophets, truthful believers, martyrs and good men, and what a blessed company they are! 

The union prays to Allah – Exhalted He be – to grant the children of the departed and his family patience and solace. As Allah reminds, {Everyone upon it [i.e., the earth] will perish}, and {Every soul will taste death}, and we only say as we were commanded to, that to Allah we belong and to Him is our return.

Doha on: 24 Dhul Qi`da, 1434 H

Dated: 1 October, 2013

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi                                                Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

IUMS Secretary General                                              IUMS President