The IUMS mourns the death of Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Imam

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The IUMS mourns the death of
Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Imam, IUMS member and former advisor to the Sudanese president

With a believing, accepting heart, the International Union of Muslim Scholars mourns the death of sheikh Dr. Ahmed Ali Al-Imam, former advisor to the Sudanese president for strategic planning and former head of the Islamic Fiqh Complex in Sudan, who passed away in Khartoum last Tuesday at 67 years of age. The deceased sheikh-may Allah bless his soul-was a landmark in all scholarly and international platforms and forums inside and outside Sudan. He has authored many research studies in Arabic and English in the sciences of the Quran and Islamic studies including Ahl Al-Dhikr (The People of Remembrance), Sahat Al-Jihad (The Arenas of Jihad Struggle), Nazarat Mo`asera fi Fiqh Al-Jihad (Modern Views in the Jurisprudence of Jihad Struggle), Al-Shahada w hayat Al-Shohadaa (Martyrdom and the Life of the Martyrs), and Tatbik Al-Sharia Al-Islamiya w Atharoh fi Islah Al-Mujtama` (The Application of Islamic Sharia and its Impact in Social Reform).

As the IUMS mourns the sheikh's departure, it prays to God Almighty to receive the deceased with kind acceptance, to forgive him and reward him with bounty for his efforts, to disembark him in a dignified dwelling, provide him with a spacious abode, make him a resident of Paradise, to revive him on Judgment Day in the company of prophets, truthful believers, martyrs and good men, and to give his family, people who love him and his colleagues the patience and condolence, for Allah is the Best Guardian and the Best Answerer to our prayers.

DOHA: 15 Zuhadjh 1432

     Q: 01/11/2012.

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IUMS Secretary General                IUMS President