Seminar discusses women, family in Tunisia

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International Seminar about Women, Family in Islamic Law

In response to the arguments and political debates taking place in Tunisia around women and family on a background of drafting the new constitution and to ensure the presence of the Islamic component in the constitution, the Tunisian branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, in partnership with the Tunisian organisation Nisaa Tunisiyat or Tunisian Women, have organised an international seminar entitled:

"Women in Islamic Law”

The seminar will host a select of scholars and intellects from Tunisia and abroad who would participate in lectures and events including Dr. Salah Sultan (Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in the Arab Republic of Egypt), Dr. Nour Aldin Al-Khadimi (Tunisian Minister of Religious Affairs), Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghannoushi (IUMS Assistant Secretary and Head of the Al-Nahda Party in Tunisia), Dr. Abdul-Majeed Al-Najjar (Member of the IUMS Board of Trustees and head of the IUMS branch in Tunisia), and Dr. Jamila Mosali (Member of the Moroccan Parliament).

The seminar will tackle topics and issues related to the reality of women in Tunisia like inheritance, guardianship, work, equality with men and other topics.

The seminar would also discuss international agreements regarding women like the Sidao treaty, their goals and hidden sides, how compliant or contradictory they are to the Islamic identity of Tunisian people, and would clarify all ambiguities around them.

The seminar would also include workshops for further discussion of the most prominent issues raised which would be supervised by the scholars and intellects speaking at the seminar.
Recommendations will be provided at the end of the seminar to be presented to the Tunisian National Constituent Assemby for consideration during the discussion of the draft constitution.