IUMS condemns attack on Yemeni Ministry of Defense, berates killing in the name of Islam

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IUMS condemns attack on Yemeni Ministry of Defense, berates killing in the name of Islam

The union followed with great concern the attack targeting the Yemeni Ministry of Defense and some other regions that left dozens either dead or wounded.

As it condemns these criminal acts, the union considers them a strike aimed at the path of reconciliation, democratic transition, and stability in Yemen, and wishes to:

1-Offer its candid condolences to the families of the victims in particular and to Yemenis in general and pray to Allah to accept the departing, reward them as martyrs, and give remedy to the wounded and injured.

2-Intensely condemn this attack and explosions, considering them crimes aimed at undermining the unity and stability of Yemen as well as its national reconciliation project.

3-Assert that these acts cannot be associated with Islam, but rather lead necessarily to distorting its image.

4-Calls all political and social powers in Yemen, as well as religious authorities to unite around the national reconciliation project, cooperate on the way to its achievement and stand firmly and strongly facing those who seek to distort or damage this project regardless of their declared goals and announced slogans.

5-The union calls all regional and international sides sponsoring the Yemeni reconciliation to compound their efforts to speed up the path so that Yemen will arrive at a democratically shared regime that would go through the fight for unity and development and protect the rights of all Yemenis, their freedom and sovereignty over their land.

Doha: 2 Safar, 1435 H

Dated: 7 December, 2013

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi                                                                                 Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

IUMS Secretary General                                                                               IUMS President