Press statement about refusal of IUMS, the statements at a conference in Indonesia.

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 About the refusal of IUMS, the statements of some persons at a conference in Indonesia; that calls for violence and declare against Shia’a.

Dr. Seikh Ali Muhiuddin al-QUrra Daghi; IUMS general secretary; stated that IUMS refuses any calls that weakens Islamic nation, or promote a conflict between its schools. Ensuring that the Union has always worked on, unifying Muslims word and their Union, through rejecting discrimination, which affected the nation with serious damage and weakness.

Dr.Qurra Daghi’s statement came in the context commenting on the International Conference on Proximity among Islamic Schools- London- where its statement denounced what was issued by an International Conference; that was held the last month in Jakarta Indonesia. Where the conference had raised a slogan to form an alliance against Shia’a Muslims, whose population is about a million, and asked some of the organizers to declare jihad against those Shia’a, this issue will weaken and divide the Islamic nation.

Dr.Qurra Daghi stressed in his statement that the declaration of jihad is not right to be at any conference. Especially that it wasn’t the solution at any time, and shouldn’t be against the Islamic schools and Muslims to each other, but must be against the enemies of the nation. He also pointed out that jihad declaration would be from legitimate states and not through conferences.

Al-Doha 4 Rajab 1435 H 

3 May 2014