Al-Qaradawi declares the principles document to retrieve the January revolution.

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Al-Qaradawi declares the principles document to retrieve the January revolution.

Praise Be to Allah, and peace and blessing be upon His Messenger, and his family, companions, and allies.

I have seen the principles document to retrieve the January revolution, in Bruxel Belgium, declared by the revolutionary and political forces, of different Egyptian parties; Islamic, National, right wings, left wings. To work on retrieval of January revolution, that united Egyptians, and the retrieval of the democratic process, to walk in the right way.

As they declare, the void remains void, and the coup doesn’t turn into democracy. The freedom sake by free people accepts all, calling to unite the revolutionary forces once again.

The conference announced a document of ten key points; I see it valid to unite Egypt revolutionaries, and 25 January partners, to face the tyranny of the military coup, its security, media, and judicial arms.

I agree every work that unites line not separate them, grow confidence not scatters it… Build not destroy… Resist not give up… Bring closer not separate… Revise not die.

And I call the sons of sincere revolutionary movements in different parties, to remove barriers between each other, and stand along each other, like rigid construction, that pull together, to stand up honestly against the challenges plaguing Egypt and its sons, now and in future, that the coup doesn’t differentiate between any party, until the return of Egypt to its truthful loyal sons.

Hoping that everyone has learned that, Egypt doesn’t vise from tyranny, unless her sons bend together, to get rid of selfishness and arrogance. That every one remember {United we stand, divided we fall} [English proverb].

Walk forward to achieve unity in line up, thoughts, dignity, will, and speech. And to sake the aid of Allah Almighty, then all people.

May Allah help you to all the best, and make the future of Egypt better than the past. Allah is with you, and your work will not be frustrated.

Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

IUMS president