IUMS calls Libyan’s for unity and national reconciliation, and firmness with who want to overthrow the legitimate.

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IUMS calls Libyan’s for unity and national reconciliation, and firmness with who want to overthrow the legitimate.

Praise is to Allah, prayer and peace is upon the Messenger of Allah, and on His family,   companions, and allies.

IUMS follows the current scene, on the land of beloved republic Libya with great concern, what is happening as a result of the attempts to use weapons outside the right and legitimacy frame based on the will of the people, threatening peace and security in Libya, and perhaps in the entire region.

IUMS warns of any armed violence on land of Libya, it stresses the following:

•IUMS refuses attempt to use violence, or justify it on the land of Libya, and confirms that the use of weapons outside the scope of the right and legitimacy, wasn’t a solution at any time; neither to Libya, nor to any country in the Muslim and Arab world.

•IUMS demands the beloved Libya people by all classes, regions, and segments and their own constituencies, unity and national reconciliation, and firmness with those who want to overthrow the legitimate and sedition, and resolve disputes in consultation and dialogue through the influential people; selected by the will of free people, and avoids what sedition, or throw the spirit of separation, or lead to infighting among people. And the Union calls for everyone to support the unity of Libya, and the rejection of any armed violence, external interference or regional or international, and start building a strong modern Libya.

•IUMS demands Libyan people to be cautious of everyone who uses the rules of strategic deception against their just cause, or uses fake terms; like the war on terror and other, with the aim of armed robberies on the power and then undermine the freedom of the Libyan revolution which they return it back by revolution and pure blood.

•IUMS warns of manipulative forces in the Spring Arab revolutions, from people destructive terrible explosion, because it’s an explosion looking for freedom, dignity and will recover, that regional and global powers always work on preventing this recovery, whose time has come.

•IUMS warns of the attempts of enemies to break up the nation and weaken it, and we can not give them that opportunity through our vulnerability, which will delay the nation from any achievements in any field.

{believers are indeed brothers, therefore make things right among your two brothers and fear Allah, so that you will be subject to mercy} [Al-Hujurat : 10]

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                       Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Al-Qurra Daghi


     Union President                                                               General Secretary