IUMS condemns terrorism on the land of Tunisia, and demand Tunisians to renounce terrorism and violence.

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IUMS condemns terrorism on the land of Tunisia, and demand Tunisians to renounce terrorism and violence.

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger; Mohamed, and upon His family, companions, and allies. (And after)

Allah Almighty said: {If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is hell, to abide therein (forever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him} [Al-Nisaa: 93]

Again we read and hear and even see the bloodshed on the land of our beloved Tunisia, without any justification, sometimes killing the soldiers on guard duty, and sometimes we hear death threats to the leaders of nation and Islamic action, by groups relate themselves to Islam, which is basically offensive to the Islamic religion as a whole, and Islam is innocent from the innocent blood shedding of whatever they are and wherever they are, where Jihad in Islam has founded and built by rules, and isn’t a subject to the limited jurisprudence that can’t achieve any interest for the nation.

In front of these crimes, and this forbidden blood shedding of innocent Muslims without any justification, IUMS believes and confirms the following:

1.Our Islamic religion has denied just carrying the weapon in the face of a Muslim, as it stated in the hadith: , what about with ones who hold the weapon and kill with it innocent people without any right, prophet Mohamed pbuh said:" your blood, money, and women is a sanctity on you as this day sanctity, in this month, in this country, and then IUMS condemns terrorism happening now in Tunisia , and warns from its affect on the unity of Tunisia, and demands people to exit any crisis that someone’s are seeking to do.

2.The whole nation’s scholars agreed that the killing of innocent people; whether they are ordinary citizens or security men, is forbidden, and all those who commit murder against them will be asked in front of Allah Almighty in Resurrection day about his crime, prophet Mohamed pbuh says:" The first thing spend between people on Resurrection day in the blood", and Ibn Hajar allah mercy be upon him said:" And in hadith blood subject is valued, the beginning be with the most important, guilt maximizes with the harm rake, the miss of the interest and execution of humanitarian infrastructure is their purpose".

3.The steps taken by the Tunisian political elites in all orientations and backgrounds ideology in order to help the country through dialogs and keep the revolution and its gains of freedom  and dignity, as an excellent work for Tunisia and its people, and we support and congratulate their stride, and pray to Allah Almighty to preserve Tunisia and its sons and other Muslim countries from any harm, and may Allah protect Tunisia.

Allah Almighty said:{ And Allah hath full power and control over the affairs, but most among mankind know it not}[Yusuf: 21]

Date: 4 Shaaban 1435 H

3 June 2014 

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                        Mr. Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Daghi

    Union president                                                             General Secretary