IUMS lades the responsibility to Maliki’s government, and calls Arab league and Organization of Islamic Cooperation to assume their responsibility towards Iraq.

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IUMS lades the responsibility to Maliki’s government, and calls Arab league and Organization of Islamic Cooperation to assume their responsibility towards Iraq.

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His messenger; Mohamed, and upon his family, companions, and allies.

IUMS believes that what is happening now on beloved Iraqi land, is the result of the policies of oppression, exclusion, and corruption, and that the complete collapse of the forces of the military, security and police did not come from nothing, the fall happened in Musel can only be interpreted as a popular revolution; otherwise, how can a faction; no matter how it is powerful, controls a big city inhabited by nearly four million people.

IUMS has conjures the Iraqi officials to respond to the demands of Sunni mobility in Sunni provinces, but unfortunately the security solution is their only solution, otherwise if the Grievances is managed through fair national policies far away from sectarianism and exclusion, nothing of that will happen, but this is elimination of Allah.

In the light of what is happening on Iraqi land, IUMS sees the following:

1.What is happening these days in Iraq is the result of oppression and exclusion policies to people seek for freedom, and reject the existence of humiliation and controlled destiny, power, and the future of their children, by agendas far from the interests of Iraq. And it is not legal to focus on militant organizations from the whole image, since the goal of that is to infanticide the popular movement and work on deforming it.

2.IUMS lays responsibility of the subsequent events in Iraq on the Iraqi government’s shoulders, which failed to achieve any stabilized security or sustenance, or occurs any national reconciliation case among the people, but it misapplied the use of military force until things reaches what it is now.

3.IUMS calls to quick formation of a united national government, based on national basis, which works for the benefit of Iraqi public only, without any discrimination, exclusion, faction, sectarian, and denomination.

4.IUMS denounces some sectarian fatawas, which calls Shiaa in south Iraq to general horn, which leads to sectarian war, also leads to contraction in social an tribal fabric in Iraq, where most of the Iraqi tribes are divided into Shia and Sunna, like Jabbur and Shummar. Therefore we call our Shiaa brothers (and Sunna) in Iraq not to be fuel for a sectarian war, but we invite them to stand with their Sunna brothers to reach a real solution. We can’t say what happened in Iraq because of special Islamic faction, but it is a tremendous revolution for Sunna in all provinces. And IUMS confirms; through his information resources, that the revolution is never against Shiaa, but it is to regain their legitimate rights, and the biggest proof is that they did not kill any civilian from Shiaa, and did not attack the Shiaa areas, such as Tal Afar.

5.IUMS asserts on the importance of stating a national reconciliation, including all components of Iraqi people, which should be the most priority of Iraqi national work.

6.IUMS demands the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to bear claimed responsibility towards Iraq, so as to enhance the chances of achieving total reconciliation, and stop the fight, and form a united Iraqi government, based on solving all its problems.

7.The union calls neighboring countries not to intervene in the internal Iraqi affairs, and demands these countries to positive contribution, in order to achieve reconciliation and the good for Iraqi people.

May Allah save Iraq from civil war and strife, obvious and hidden ones.

{And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not} [Yusuf: 21]

Date: 15 Shaaban 1435 H

14 June 2014

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                                     Mr. Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Daghi

         Union President                                                                                       General Secretary