IUMS congratulates the Islamic nation, the arrival of the holy month "Ramadan" and reminding them of their duties, responsibilities, and their location between the nations

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IUMS congratulates the Islamic nation, the arrival of the holy month "Ramadan" and reminding them of their duties, responsibilities, and their location between the nations

The Islamic nation receives Ramadan; the holy month, with joy and pleasure to earn worship and piety, grace their souls and minds, purify their hearts, and get rid of the sins accumulated throughout the year, and strengthened to promote and win, making Ramadan the month of Qur'an as it was in our history the month of Criterion victories {month of Ramadan, which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs of the guidance and the Criterion} [Baqara 185].

IUMS; which includes an elite Scholars of the nation, receives this holy month looking at the disunity and shred of its nation, and alliance enemies against it, and the nation’s suffer from tragedies, hunger, thirst, forced displacement in Syria and Iraq, and heinous crimes done by the Zionists against our brothers in Daffa and Ghazza, and with all this, the Union foresees a new day for this great nation, no matter how the calamities and tribulations increases (the ease with hardship), and no matter how the darkness intense; there will be new day. May Allah’s Sunna and victories return in this month? Hence IUMS; in this opportunity, calls all Muslims around the world to pray for their brothers wherever they are, especially in Egypt, Syria and Myanmar, to make this holy month a month to give them Nasr on the darkness and evil-doers, and we ask God to change our situation to the best case for restoring our nation's Center for leadership and Entrepreneurship as God wanted, its God willing He is Al-Samee’ and Al-Mujeeb.

On this happy occasion, we IUMS congratulates the Islamic nation; represented in its leaders, scholars, thinkers, and all its peoples. Praying to Allah Almighty to accept from us and them the Worship, and bless us in this holy month the worship, obedience, compassion and forgiveness, and take us away from hell.

Pursuant to the Almighty, saying << and remind, since the remind avail Al-Mu’minin>>, we call the Islamic Nation; leaders and peoples, to do ever thing that bring closer to Allah Almighty, and raise the nation, and bring cooperation and mercy, as particular:

1 - Double the good works and charity, and increase good deeds and competition in helping the poor, needy, kinship, emergency relief to those affected and displaced persons, especially in Syria, and pray to Allah to reform this nation; governors and people, unless the territories are freed, beginning with Palestine and Al-Quds.

2 - Stick to the values of our great religion, and in particular the values of tolerance and non-violence, and respect for the right to be different, and keep away the Mosques from political conflicts to maintain the sanctity and prestige, since it is a common factor of unity and cooperation.

3 - To ensure the purity of the soul, and reconciliation between the governments and peoples, and between all the people, until our nation gets out; in this holy month, united and strong dear and move toward the construction and civilization.

4 - The Union calls on Islamic world to stand with those in need by giving, since this is the month of generosity and good deeds. The Messenger of Allah was the best in generosity and good deeds in this holy month.

And in Ramadan’s occasion, the Union calls on all its members scattered in the entire Islamic countries to further integration with the general Muslims and exploiting the opportunity of this holy month, by increasing the lessons in the Mosques, as a contribute to the upgrading of culture legitimacy of the Muslims in general, and to organize convoys and advocacy activities and activating the role of the Union in their own countries.

We ask Allah to help the Muslims to fast this month, and maintain the inviolability of the month, and makes this month the month of righteousness, and empowerment for the vulnerable, and the acceptance of the repentant, and bless the Islamic nation with more pride and empowerment to the religion of Allah in the earth, and the dissemination of compassion between people.

And Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds

Doha: 1 Ramadan 1435

29 June 2014

Mr. Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                 Mr. Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Daghi

Union President                                                                          General Secretary