IUMS confirms that Islamic Khilafah announced by Iraqi state organization lacks any standards of legitimacy and realistic, and warns of chaos in jurisprudence.

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IUMS confirms that Islamic Khilafah announced by Iraqi state organization lacks any standards of legitimacy and realistic, and warns of chaos in jurisprudence.

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah; Mohamed, and upon His family, companions, and allies (and after).

IUMS has continued the statements made by the organization called "Islamic State", which was launched from Iraq, with Iraqi forces to defend the Sunnis of Iraq, and the oppressed in this country, thus we welcomed this rally to reject oppression and bullying in the land, then quickly it showed its separation from this organization, and announced the "Islamic Khilafah" and the inauguration of who called him "Khalifah of the Muslims" and calling Muslims in the world to obey his orders. All the things that the Union sees has no standards of legitimacy and realistic, and more harm than good.

IUMS on this issue sees and emphasizes the following:


We are all dreaming of Islamic Khilafah on a platform of prophecy, and we wish from the bottom of our hearts that it come today before tomorrow, but Islam taught us, and the School of Life has taught us: that the major projects is necessary to think long, and the preparation is heavy, and a compilation of the forces, and monitor what our enemies and we have, and continue with you, and forsake you.

We must establish a country governed by Sharia law, the Islamic interrelate with each other, and have the power of physical, human and moral: What saves its internal existence, and protected from external aggression, therefore the process of guiding enlightened people know the reality of the subject, and the goal of it, and its position of people, peaceful Muslims, and violators of the non-Muslims, and non-peaceful.

Thus Khilafah in terms of legitimacy and doctrinal means substitution, so Al-Khalifah - language and legitimately - is the deputy of the Islamic nation, and the agent expressed through a pledge granted by the Khalifah, and the prosecution will not be proved legally unless all the nation gives it to the Khalifah, or through their representatives who are named in the previous decade, the people of the solution and an initial matter, scholars and competent officials and decision-makers, and the Islamic groups.

Hence, the announcement is just a group of succession is not sufficient to establish a successor, which is contrary to the legitimacy of this fact.


All matters of the state and politics legitimacy in Islam is based on Shura, Allah says (and ordered them to mutual consultation)[ Al-Shura 38], and the Almighty said: (and consult them in such command) [Al-Imran 159], but until weaning of the child, such as feeding and breastfeeding should be done in consultation, how about big state commands and Great Khilafah?!

The biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him) attest to the rooting culture consultation, as the choice of successor in the era of the Khilafah had been in accordance with the consultation, and when the supporters and immigrants disagreed in Bany Saaida’s Sakifah, they reached the consultation and dialogue to our master Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him ) and then came to the mosque, and then to the allegiance of the solution and contract people, until the pledge of allegiance has done, and also this way Khalifah Omar ibn al-Khattab was chosen, and the Khalifah Uthman Ibn Affan, and Khalifah Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah please them all), and in fact selection of our master Othman, the master Abdul Rahman bin Auf consult men in their communities, and women in Khaddorhen - as reported in Sahih Bukhari.

Therefore, the announcement of particular faction - whatever -to the succession is legally void announcement, that does not entail any traces of legitimacy; but result i a serious impact on the Sunnis in Iraq, and the revolution in Syria, and leads to the unification of the enemy forces in various brands, to hit revolutions, which call for legitimate rights in Syria and Iraq. Therefore we call our fellow that advocates this dream: to be realistic and look at what affects their brothers here and there because of their insistence on their position.

Third: Union confirms the following:

1 - The announcement by the organization of the Islamic state for what they called the Islamic Khilafah is only the lack of jurisprudence of reality and more like a swoop on people's revolution involving the Sunnis with all their strength, clans and factions varied from several areas in Iraq, and then an organization comes out individually, to announce the Islamic succession, and put from between his successor, in the almost complete absence of the Islamic nation, and the people of the solution and the contract and by the rulers, and scholars, and qualified specialists, and all factions of the nation.

2 – It is unacceptable to invalidate the Abolition of all Islamic organizations in the global arena for a mere declaration of one part to what they called the Khilafah and Khalifah, in the complete absence of the nation.

3 – These things will open the door of the chaos in front of organizations or even countries: which will put itself as an Islamic Khalifah on an Islamic subject, without any preparation or arrangement or coordination, not a single project, and then the concept of the Islamic Khilafah will loses its majesty among the people and it is a great danger, which only serves the enemies of the Islamic nation.

4 - Linking the concept of the Islamic Khilafah to an organization, known among the people as a rigorous, and the mental image against it is negative, even between the sons of the Islamic nation, does not serve the Islamic project ever.

5 - The Islamic Khilafah and its return is gravely missed, eager to ourselves… Our minds think of it, and our hearts need it, but it has legitimacy controls, and need s large and deep preparation on all levels. The agreement must be by the nation’s formulation, and its form, and its content, which is the word of Muslims in the world, and not just the ads here and there that has no reality and validity.

O Allah, Grant us an adult minds that does not get lost the way, and alive consciences that do not follow the whim.

(And Allah hath full power and control over the affairs, but most among mankind know it not) [Yusuf 21]

Date: 5 Ramadan 1435

July 3, 2014

Mr. Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi                                                                  Mr.Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Daghi

President of the Union                                                                                 General Secretary