IUMS Calls the free world and international organizations, to do their humanitarian commitment to support the people of Gaza and Palestine.

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 IUMS Calls the free world and international organizations, to do their humanitarian commitment to support the people of Gaza and Palestine.

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah; Mohamed, and upon his family, companions and allies and after; 

IUMS is following; moment by moment; with deep concern, the situation in the besieged Gaza, which is under Zionist brutal bombardment, and that does not take into account any legal nor legitimate, while doing the crime against our Palestinian brothers, amid of shameful and outrageous silence of global, Arabic and Islamic, as if Muslims were satisfied in watching and condemning, without having any influential role in supporting their brothers on the land of Palestine.

 In the hell of the Zionist aggressions and criminal war, against the Palestinian people, IUMS sees the following:

 1 -The Union calls the free world, and all the international organizations and human rights, to do their part to lift the injustice for Gaza and all of Palestine, and to prevent aggression inflicted upon them without any legal right or humane, and consider this aggression a humanitarian crime, and prosecute the perpetrators and do an international judgment.

 2 - Union demands the global peoples and officials, and the ministries of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, and organizations, groups and Islamic movements, and scholars in the world, to allocate the next Friday: 20 Ramadan 1435; July 18 2014, an international day to support Gaza and Palestinian people, living under Zionist brutal bombardment, and hundreds of martyrs of women, children and elderly civilians. In which the support day includes events beginning with peace and legal demonstrations, and financial support, and relief campaigns, and to assassinate the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and the International Undertaking on the reconstruction of Gaza and the construction of houses, and the allocation of Friday sermons and Qunoot in prayer and night prayer to support the Palestinians, and all the oppressed in the land, especially Muslims in various countries.

 3 – The International Union asks the rulers of the Muslim world and the Arab world: Where's your turn for the cause of the nation especially Palestinian cause? What is the benefit that you purchase your weapons with billions of dollars if it is not for the protection of the nation and the weak people? Why don’t you use the oil weapon in supporting the issues of the nation? Why doesn’t the Zionist attacks to our and your Palestinian brothers in Ramadan, and the death of hundreds and the injured of more than 1,500 Palestinians, and the demolition of homes and displaced, make you move to help them? 

4 –The Union calls to withdraw any project of the Arab-Israeli peace, since there is no reality as well to this peace, and confirms that the Zionists are the enemies of the nation, not the free resistance, which is seeking to liberate their homeland and raise the nation.

 5 – The International Union confirms on the full right of the Palestinians to open the crossings, especially Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, since it is the most primitive Palestinian rights. 

6 – It demands the Arab states not to deal with the issue of Palestine in isolation from the Palestinian Authority or the Palestinian resistance in all its factions, without exception, and to serve the interests of the nation and Palestine.

 7 – The International Union demands the Palestinian Authority represented by its President, Mr. / Mahmoud Abbas, and the Palestinian resistance with all its factions, to coordinate between each other and not to take unilateral decisions of one part or another, in order to achieve Palestinian unity, and to support the reconciliation signed recently, which leads to public interest for the Palestinian cause. 

8 – IUMS supports the free and honest Palestinian resistance, of all the resistance factions, and considers it as a national liberation movements, since the Islamic and International law ensures all the rights to defend their homeland and their holy sites, and their just rights, and salutes the steadfastness of those resistance and their qualitative military creativity at all levels, and stresses that what is happening now on the land of Gaza is bless of Allah Almighty, who says in the Qur'an {But whoever helps Allah shall be helped by Him. Allah is the strong} [Al-Hajj: 40], also {neither was it you who threw at them. Allah threw at them} [Anfal: 17].

 9 – The Union denounces the Zionist operations against the Palestinian people, and describes it as criminal processes, which requires international prosecutions to the leaders of the Zionist enemy occupier, as required to face these operations by all Palestinians, and require the support of Islamic and Arab world for the just cause of Palestine, and not provide a cover for the enemy to undertake further violations. 

10 – The International Union denounces any attempt to undermine the resistance, or impose conditions that does not meet the needs of the Palestinian people, and demanded the rulers of the Arabs and Muslims to work for the just cause of Palestine, and support diplomatically, politically, and in the media and logistically, especially the lifting of the blockade on Gaza, instead of working on other way! 

11 – The Union warns from the attempts to displace the people of Gaza under the guidance that claims thousands of them to leave their homes, in preparation for the bombing, and then begins the series of displacement, and further impoverishment, humiliation and attempts that will not drag on for too long, by God willing. 

12 - The Union warns the Zionist enemy of betting on the weakness of the Islamic and Arab world, particularly at the level of the referees, which will not stand free peoples idly about what is happening to their brothers in Palestine in general and Gaza in particular, but the Islamic and Arab nations gift for Palestine will be the interval gift, by God willing.

 God is the greatest, and the victory is to Gaza; the pride and resilience.

 (Allah prevails in His affairs, though most people do not know) [Yusuf: 21]

Date: Ramadan 18 1435 

July 16 1014

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                        Mr. Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Daghi

  IUMS President                                      General Secretary