Al-Qurra Daghi to the Muslim’s Governors: Allah will judge you, and history curse who betray

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 Al-Qurra Daghi to the Muslim’s Governors: Allah will judge you, and history curse who betray


Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Dagi – the General Secretary of IUMS – professes that what is happening in steadfast Gaza, is a crime against humanity in all meanings of the word, done by the Zionists, who are thirsty for blood and destruction and oppression, and those who did not and will not be one day a tool for building in human life, but always tools for demolition. 
And Al-Qurra Dagi deprecates in his statements; that he made today after the massacre in Shijaia neighborhood in Gaza by the Zionists, the silence of the Arab and Muslim world on these massacres against our brothers in Gaza, but it reaches gloating and even coordination with the Zionists against the Palestinians, directing his word to the Arabs and


Muslims governors, saying: know that Allah Almighty will judge you on everything you do, in addition to the history ruthless and reviled treason and traitors, and you are in front of a historic position do it for Allah Almighty and do not betray. 


Al-Qurra DAghi assures that the whole Ummah is claimed to support the struggle of the Palestinian people's resistance; especially on the land of Gaza, with money and weapons in order to repel the aggression of the Zionists in Gaza, and retribution for the blood of civilians who ascended in hundreds to Allah, due to continuous shelling and aggression of the killing machines of the Zionist against our fellow civilians in Gaza, amid of global silence.


 Al-Qurra Daghi wondered for the benefit of UN organizations which the countries acceded to, like the United Nations and the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, if these organizations are not able to stop the aggression of the occupier rapist when oppressed people needs it, stressing that many people in the world today have lost their hearts and their humanity by their silence against the killing of children, women and elderly and toward the corpses lying in the streets of Gaza neighborhoods looking for who bury them in order to preserve their sanctity.


 And Al-Qurra Daghi called the rest of the human conscience in the world move quickly in order to stop immediately the aggression on Gaza, and the trial of the leaders of the Zionist occupation who launched the current aggression, and internationally prosecuted them considering them war criminals, and lift the siege on Gaza and the opening of the crossings, and the abolition of buffer zones around Gaza, and the immediate start in the reconstruction of Gaza, and to stop all forms of incitement of the media against the resistance factions. 


Al-Qurra Daghi end his statements with Dua’a: God Save Gaza and all of Palestine from all evil, and bring discretion to the Islamic Ummah .