IUMS salutes the rebel's resistance in Egypt, confirming that a massacre happened in Rabi'a and Nahda, and the killers should be tried.

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IUMS salutes the rebel's resistance in Egypt, confirming that a massacre happened in Rabi'a and Nahda, and the killers should be tried.


 Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah; Mohamed, and upon His family, companions, and allies and after

IUMS is following daily what is happening on the land of beloved Egypt , due to the importance of Egypt on the Islamic and Arabic nation, and it is large pivotal state in the region, especially after the military coup, that happened on July 3, 2013 against the elected legitimate authority and elected president; President Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and what happened after, from violation of all human rights by the coup leaders and his supporters, and committing massacres and Holocaust against the Egyptians especially Rabi'a and Nahda massacre and holocaust on August 14, 2013, and the Union on the first anniversary of those Holocaust confirms the following:

1- IUMS hopes who died in the massacre and the Holocaust to be Martyrs, and wishes all patients to be healed, also calls the families of the martyrs and the injured to be patient, and ask Allah the revenge against the oppressors, who killed young, men, women, and even children and elderly, and did not have mercy on anyone.

2- The International Union appreciates and salutes the rebels continuous steadfast, who shows great example in stability on the right to the whole nation, and resistance to falsehood, by paying daily the most prized possession, their life, and for more than a year since the military coup in July 2013 until this day. 
3- The Union confirms that what happened in Rabi'a and Nahda on August 14, 2013 is an organized and prepared killing system, not only separation system, with a world cover, and this massacre and Holocaust has done to thousands of Egyptian people demanding their freedom ,dignity, and will mentioning that they were peaceful, using their constitutional, legal and revolutionary right, but the hand of treachery and oppression and subjugation, killed thousands of them, and burned hundreds, in a scene devoid of all the meanings of humanity and compassion.

4- The International Union appreciates the role of some human rights organizations and humanitarian world, which condemned the massacre that killed thousands, and even considered it a crime against humanity, and one of the worst massacres in the history of humanity as a whole, and the Union condemns in the same time the silence of many Arab and Islamic organizations about that horrible Holocaust.

5-The Union asserts that the killing crimes will not be forgotten with time, and that is assured by the mechanisms organized by Islamic law and international law as well. The Union also confirms that the victory stands with the right and who demands it, and it is from Allah Almighty alone, and that the falsehood to the demise, whatever it seemed coherent.

6-IUMS calls the Islamic and Arab nation and even the free world, to stand next to the right and not to stand beside falsehood, and the right is clearly beside steadfast Egyptian revolutionaries in the face of the machine of the military coup oppression, also demands the leaders to prosecute the military coup and his unfair powers, to trial them fairly, in order to restore the usurped rights.

7-The Union urges all revolutionary parties that advocates the right against falsehood, to be united, and forget any differences, and look for common denominators which are many, and continue to struggle until it ends the coup, and regain freedom, and dignity, and the will of the Egyptian people, who does not deserve to be enslaves and has its affairs managed without their consent.

8-The International Union directs a message to the great Egyptian people , to stand with the right, and do their turn to retrieve the gains of the January 25 revolution, in which hundreds were died for millions to live in freedom and dignity, and justice.

God bless the martyrs, and unite the ranks of the right people, and grants them victory.

(And Allah is predominant over His affairs, but most people do not know) [Yusuf: 21]


Date: 18 Shawwal 1435 
August 14, 2014

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                Mr. Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Daghi

IUMS President                                                                      General Secretary