IUMS congratulates the Vatican Pope, hopes for role to establish values of peace and tolerance

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IUMS congratulates the Vatican Pope, hopes for role to establish values of peace and tolerance

The International Union of Muslim Scholars received the news of selecting Pope Francis I as the Pope of the Catholic Church with much comfort at a time when the world suffers ravaging crises at the different political, social, economic and human levels. An in-depth look shows that most of these crises are owing to an ethical crisis in which people have strayed far from the conscious, healthy disposition and sublime spiritual values. In addition, the world witnesses the unethical injustices and violation of human sanctities and rights in Palestine – for long and in the near past - and in Syria recently in such a shameful manner. The history of the region has never witnessed such barbarity, killing, and displacement similar to that afflicted by the Al-Assad regime and its allies since the era of the Mongols, the Tatars and the time of Genghis Khan and his successor.

In light of these painful facts, the IUMS views the following:

First: the IUMS (represented by its presidency, its general secretariat, its board of trustees, its offices and committees) congratulates Pope Francis I for assuming this major position, and wishes him Godspeed in playing an influential role that establishes tolerance and peace, contributes to the restoration of security and safety to regions where criminals and tyrants have spread corruption, fear, terror, displacement, and encourage aid to the poor, deprived and displaced. The union considers the freezing of relations with former pope of the Vatican due to his stances from Islam as terminated and means to turn a new page with the new pope.

Second: the union stresses that the three revealed religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) encompass a huge and great body of ethical principles and sublime values that together with the Vatican, the union and representatives of religions we can hold rigorous dialogue to make a constructive contribution to consolidate values of faith, tolerance, and cooperation for common good and piety in our troubled world in order to achieve security, psychological and spiritual peace, as well as social and human peace. Together we can present an integrated system of ethical values in the human, social, political and economic fields, we can stand in the face of oppression, tyranny and corruption, against the humiliation of humans everywhere, seek to give legitimate rights back to their owners in Palestine, Syria and others, and resist the stream of atheism and moral chaos, abortion and other values called for in the field of marriage and similar areas.

We have vast horizons before us and broad fields where we can work together driven by our spiritual responsibility to serve humanity and, rather, serve all God’s creation.

Third: the union calls the new Pope of the Vatican to make a strong stand by the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, by the Syrian people, by the people of Burma and the rest of oppressed peoples to defend them and save them with all available means from this great ordeal which they face.

{And say: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers: Soon will you be brought back to the knower of what is hidden and what is open: then will He show you the truth of all that you did".}
[Quran 9:105]

And from Allah is all aid!

Doha: 4 Jumada Al-Awwal 1434 H
Dated: 16 March 2013

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi                                                Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

IUMS Secretary General                                              IUMS PResident