IUMS Secretary General meets Bangladeshi representative of the JI and a British delegation

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IUMS Secretary General meets Bangladeshi representative of the JI and a British delegation

The Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars received Saturday March 23 2013 at the union headquarters a delegation representing the Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh and the Muslim communities in Britain, on top of them sheikh Mohamed Abdul-Qayum, imam leader and speaker of the East London Mosque and Hamid Azad the Assistant CEO of Muslim Aid charity organization.

Sheikh Abdul-Qayum explained the tragic conditions in Bangladesh and how the ruling party transformed a country that was known for peaceful coexistence between the members of different religions into a country that ridicules Islam and its values, and attacks Hindu temples while attaching the accusation to opposition. The sheikh also mentioned how the ruling party used live ammunition and torture against participants in peaceful protests calling for the release of the nation’s scholars who were falsely and unjustly accused of crimes and sentenced to death or lifetime imprisonment. The notable scholar said that what is going on in Bangladesh is a war against Islam, not against the Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Secretary General slammed the mock trials held to question the leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami and the false accusations to them of committing crimes against humanity.

Al-Qaradaghi mentioned that the union issued several statements in this concern condemning the oppressive steps against peaceful protesters, demanded the Bangladeshi government to swiftly release all political leaders and appealed to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and international organizations to pressure the Bangladeshi government and urge it to stop the implementation of the unjust rulings and protect human rights.

Sheikh Abdul-Qayum delivered a message to the Secretary General from the representatives of the Muslim community in Britain signed by more than 70 Muslim figures appealing to sheikh Al-Qaradaghi to intervene through the IUMS to stop the killing of Muslims and bring the release of scholarly leaders and all prisoners.

Sheikh Abdul-Qayum also requested the IUMS to support the protests and massive demonstrations called for by senior Bangladeshi scholars in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on April 6th 2013.