IUMS deplores the wholesale death penalties in the right of the leaders of the Islamic group in Bangladesh

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IUMS deplores the wholesale death penalties in the right of the leaders of the Islamic group in Bangladesh 

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah; Mohammed, and upon his family, companions and allies and after; 

IUMS followed with deep concern and sorrow, the shocking provisions issued by an Bangladeshi exceptional court, the death to many of the leaders of the Islamic group  in Bangladesh, in the cases that was made in nearly half a century, which is a flagrant violation of human rights, and the provisions of the law, and international laws, especially in light of the taint trials of procedural suspicion, and suspicion of government pressure and direction, what challenged in the litigation process itself, and will lead to a state of boiling within the Bengali community, no one will know what it will lead to except God Almighty. 

Under these shocking provisions, the IUMS, affirms the following: 

1. The Union condemns the death penalties of Bangladeshi court against  the leaders of the Islamic group in Bangladesh, and considers the shocking provisions lacks to the standards of fair litigation, in the time of the suspicions that hover around releasing it, and on top of the suspicion of political rivalry, and the lack of a trial for the standards of integrity and impartiality, and the government intervention in the work of the trial, and the fact of kidnapping of a witness in front of the court ... etc. 

2. The Union demanded the Prime Minister Sheikha Haseina, the realization of the mind, and not to enter the country in a cycle of internal conflicts that do not expire, and respond to internal divisions, so inviting them to begin a national discussion, and a comprehensive plan for national reconciliation plan, but not a plan to exclude opponents or imprisoned, killed or ban their activities.

3. The International Union emphasizes the sanctity of blood, and it is not right to kill people unjustly, it is not permissible to fabricate false charges that are not accepted by the mind and logic, and the Union warns that the consequence of the shedding of the blood of the oppressed, and the loss of lives vanities, is the consequence of the tent in the Dunia and in the Akhirah , to those who shed this blood, and dares to demolish the structure of God in the earth, the human. 

4. The Union calls on the authorities in Bangladesh for the immediate cessation of those provisions, and the release of all those arrested for vexatious issues, and to begin a comprehensive national reconciliation, which we expect to be good for Bangladesh and her actions, if implemented in good faith of everyone. 

5. The Union demands the international organizations, especially human rights, take internationally the necessary to prevent the shocking executions against leaders of the Islamic group in Bangladesh, and the immediate release of those detained pending unrealistic issues, and in particular that the suspicions around it is endless.

6. The Union proposes to the wise and faithful of the heads of states and international organizations, to form a committee to mediate intervene with the Bangladeshi authorities to stop these provisions, and to prevent its implementation, and to convince the authorities that the construction, development and stability of nations does not come only through discussion and cooperation among all of the non-exclusion, mutilation or conflicts internal. 

7. The Holy Quran decided with other Holy books { who kills a human without corruption in the earth as if he has killed all the people if it is recited it as if he saved all mankind} [A-Maidah 32] and the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him says: "for the demise of the Dunia is easier for God than  killing  a believer unjustly "

"God is not unaware of what the wrongdoers Think works but puts them back to the day when diagnosed sight." [Ibrahim: 42] 

Date: 10 Muharram 1436 

Corresponding to November 3, 2014 

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                     Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Al-Qurra Daghi

      IUMS  President                                                                                General Secretary