Imam Al-Qaradawi sends a letter to the French president about the fees and terrorism cases

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Imam Al-Qaradawi sends a letter to the French president about the fees and terrorism cases


Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi - President of the IUMS and the President of the European Council for Fatwa and Research – sends a letter to the French President Francois Hollande; it was delivered to the French Embassy in Doha, Qatar, the Imam where solace in the deaths of French citizens who died in "Charlie Hebdo" newspaper accident during the previous period, stressing on the condemnation of the IUMS and the European Council for Fatwa and Research for this incident a full conviction, regardless of the perpetrator, and whatever his motives, and whatever his belief, the murder and intimidation is not a means of expression, or denial of the violator in the Islamic religion, nor in Islamic culture of tolerance.



Imam Al-Qaradawi praised on the words of President Hollande, which asked not to mix between terrorism and Islam, in the world and in France, where terrorism has no religion and no homeland, no nationality, but it is a threat to all humanity.


He also stressed on the positive behavior of the Muslim minority in France, he said: "The French Muslim minority civilized behavior reflects their faith in their religion, which is peacefulto the whole world, and the values of humanity, and national conventions, they are a minority compatible with itself, open to others, useful for her country, on what sometimes attenuation of incitement and abuse. We are confident that France will work to protect the rights of its whole citizens, of different religions, and that the demonstrations in Paris will call for national cohesion, and the defense of freedom, and the face of all kinds of extremism, not directed towards a particular faction. "


Imam Al-Qaradawi explained his complete denial to European newspapers publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him, and the Book of our God the Quran, and his call for Muslims to denied it in all peaceful means legitimate and legal, as it is not reasonable to take the intellectual and expressive values of freedom as a cover to assault religious sanctities and obtain its symbols, adding that all of the Islamic nation does not accept insulting sanctities or rituals.


Al-Qaradawi called France and European countries to the initiative to produce legislation to protect religious shrines, where it is unreasonable or prevent the laws to abuse the individuals, while it is silent in front of the abuse to the prophets, and the French legislator who was able to issue legislation to the offense of anti-Semitism, has the ability to pass legislation that criminalize defamation of religions and prophets and holy sites.


Al-Qaradawi added that during the processing of the phenomenon of terrorism we should not stand in front of the effects and results, while not neglecting the reasons and motives that feed terrorism, which is the loss of human justice, and to provoke the religious feelings, and the neglect of the rights of Palestinians to establish their own state, and to overlook the Israeli crimes in their right as he said, and support for authoritarian regimes in the Arab and Muslim world, which shed the blood of their own people and violate their freedom, as is the case in Syria and Egypt, stressing that the treatment of these problems will destroy terrorism from its roots in the world.


Imam Al-Qaradawi expressed his full readiness and willingness of IUMS and the European Council for Fatwa and Research, to cooperate with all the scholars and humanitarian institutions, in France and in Europe, but also in the whole world, to achieve all what is good for humanity, and the preservation of the values of freedom, and the respect for holy sites.