IUMS Demands the power in Egypt to immediately stop the group provisions and arbitrary executions of the opponents, and calls the Mufti not to be involved in the approval of innocent’s execution.

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IUMS Demands the power in Egypt to immediately stop the group provisions and arbitrary executions of the opponents, and calls the Mufti not to be involved in the approval of innocent’s execution.

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Final Messenger of Allah; Mohammed, and upon his family and companions and who follow his guidance… (And after)




The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) shows a great concern of the state of the judiciary in Egypt, from the issuance of collective provisions against the opponents of the coup, and supporters of legitimacy and the revolution of the Egyptian, so it came to targeting these opponents with the execution provisions that had reached to five death penalties for one person, without a legitimate support nor legal, and these executions had reached women, men and young scholars in various fields knowledge, beginning with the Shariah Scholars like Prof. Dr. Salah Sultan, and Prof. Dr. Safwat Hijazi, and Prof. Dr. Gamal Abdel Hadi, and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Maksoud, and other Shariah scholars, and scientists of medicine and engineering and the economy, and young people who are the backbone of any nation that seeks to promote and sophistication.


These are all in the peak power and the Secretariat, and in honor and virtue, their history witness it, and their brothers, students, positions also witness. And, the most important, Their God; Allah Almighty witness that and Allah Almighty is enough to be witness.

IUMS in front of such serious terms sees and affirms the following:

1.The Union demands the current power in Egypt to stop the issuance or execution of a collective provisions or the death penalty against innocent people who reached about one thousand five hundred person to be executed, without any right, title illegitimate or illegal, including scientists, teachers, doctors, and women, men, and the youth of the best sons of the Egyptian people.


2.The Union calls the Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt to withhold support for the unfair death penalty and outgoing in the right of the innocent, even if the law takes his opinion as a consultant in the matter, he should stand up to Allah Almighty, where no one will help him in front of the one God the judgment the Justice, where one day Allah will bring the revenge to the oppressed, Allah Almighty dictates the unjust, even if taken, there is no crime in Islam after polytheism larger than murder or participate in it if a signal, Allah Almighty said, "whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath of God upon him and prepared for him great torment "Al-Nisaa - verse 93”. And the Ayah shows that helped or lead to the cause of murdering a Muslim is a killer.


3.The Union warns that the detention of innocent people, and tortured in prisons in the ways the information reached us, is a very serious matter, and threatens disastrous community is endless, and there are no countries in the world have adopted this arbitrary approach repressive reached an endings and a disaster for everyone, so we call to stop the detention and torture Inside the prison, but the immediate release of all detainees and accused unjustly, especially since the coup of July 3, 2013.


4.The Union urges the Islamic and Arab world leaders, and the free world, kings, and presidents, governments, and organizations, scientists, and thinkers, and innovators, and jurists, and lawyers, and journalists, activists, and people in general, to organize campaigns to put pressure on the power in Egypt for immediate stop the issuance or execution of a collective provisions or death of innocent opponents of the military coup, and stop targeting and fabrication charges for them, and work to get things back to normal to pre-date July 3, 2013, and begin to change this bad reality with a national Egyptian project based on justice and freedom, and return the matter to the people.


5.The Union appeals to the Egyptian people of all classes to stand with the right and championed, and stop all raises dissension and hatred, or more than the state of tension between people, and listen to the words Allah Almighty: {do not dispute with one another lest you should lose courage} [Al-Anfal: 46 ]. The words of the Prophet, peace be upon him: "Do not go back after me infidels some of you hits the necks of the others." He also said: "The believers like he building: it pulls together. And clasped between his fingers."

Allah Almighty says:

(That was why we wrote for the Children of Israel that whoever killed a soul, except for a soul slain, or for sedition in the earth, it should be considered as though he had killed all mankind; and that whoever saved it should be regarded as though he had saved all mankind. Our Messengers brought those proofs; then many of them thereafter commit excesses in the earth.) Surah Al-Ma’idah - Verse 32.

Doha: Jamada the last 1436 H

Corresponding to: April 2 2015


Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                             Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin l-Qurra Daghi

IUMS President                                                                    General secretary