IUMS congratulates the Islamic nation- its leaders and peoples- of the arrival of the holy month "Ramadan" .

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IUMS congratulates the Islamic nation- its leaders and peoples- of the arrival of the holy month "Ramadan" .

The Islamic nation welcomes the holy month "Ramadan” with delight and pleasure to gain from this month Worship and piety and ennobled Souls and minds to purify herself from Defilements and the sins all over the year, and strengthened To promote victory and making the month the Qur'an as it was in the glorious history is really the month of Criterion and victories } The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Koran was sent down, a guidance for people, and clear verses of guidance and the criterion.{[Al-Baqara185].

And the IUMS who has in its ranks The nation’s Elite scholars , receives this holy month, looking at his nation that is suffering from disunity and disintegration, and desperate enemies and gathering against them, and nation’s suffer from tragedies, hunger, thirst and forced displacement in Syria and Iraq, and what hit Egypt from coup and death sentences and life imprisonment and narrow in the living condition of the citizens, and what the Zionists and who helped them is doing to our brothers in the West Gaza and the heinous crimes and severe siege on them, and with all this, the Union looks to a new dawn These Nation Great No matter how great calamities and tribulations (the ease with hardship) and no matter how intense the darkness behind a new dawn in God then it is renewed with this holy month and victories . Therefore the Union takes this opportunity, to call all Muslims around the world To pray for their brothers Examiners wherever they are, especially in the Egypt, and Syria and Myanmar, that Makes This Holy Month a Month that bring to them the Nasr on the Darkness And oppressors And we ask Allah Almighty to Change Our situation To Best Case To regain Our nation Center Command And leadership on People As Allah Almighty wanted for it That He is Samee’ and Mujib.

In this happy event, we the IUMS give Warmest Congratulations And best wishes to the Islamic Nation Leaders The scholars and thinkers And all Their people, Calling Allah Almighty to Accept from us our work and bless us in this Holy Month Good Abundant of Worship And obedience And compassion And forgiveness and that makes us the dignity of the people and win emancipation from hell.

And working with what Allah Almighty told us <<Remind people since the remind benefit the believers >> We call on the Islamic nation's leaders and peoples to do everything that makes us close to Allah Almighty and raise the nation and bring the meanings of mercy and cooperation between Muslims and as particular:

1. Doubling the Good work and charity And a lot of Acts of worship and good deeds And competition in helping the poor and needy and kinship and relief Urgent To those affected And displaced persons, particularly in Syria, and stress in the prayers to Allah Almighty to fix the nation until we get back the lands that were taken from us beginning with Palestine And Al-Quds.

2. Stick to Values of our great religion, And In particular Valuable Tolerance And renouncing Violence And respect the Right and let the Mosques away from Political conflicts Maintenance The sanctity And prestige As a sacred common factor and a place of unity and cooperation.

3. Makes sure to do repentance and purity of the soul and reconciliation between the Governments and peoples, and between all the components of the people until our Islamic nation get in this holy month, a powerful unified united dear moving towards the construction industry and life and civilization.

4. The Union calls for the Islamic world to stand with those in need and who want to give , this month is a month of generosity and good deeds, the Messenger of Allah was sent the finest of the wind in this holy month.

And in the event of the holy month of Ramadan, the Union Calls All Its members Deployed In all the Islamic countries To More Merger With General Muslims And exploitation Opportunity inThis holy Month to do more lessons in the Mosques , the contribution of The upgrading Culture Legitimacy For Muslims General And to organize convoys And advocacy activities And activate Role of the Union In Their countries.

We ask Allah Almighty tune Muslims to fast this month and resurrection, and maintenance of the great sanctity of God, and to make it a month Barr and mercy and empowering the vulnerable, and the acceptance of Ta’ibeen, and reconcile the disobedient, and bless the Islamic nation with more pride and empowerment to the religion of Allah on earth, and the dissemination of Mercy Between people.

<Month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs of guidance and the Criterion>

And our last prayer is Alhamdulillah to the God of All Mankind

Doha: 29 Shaaban 1435 H

Corresponding to June 16, 2015 m

Mr. Dr. Yusuf AlQaradawi                                                        Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara DAghi

IUMS President                                                                               General Secretary of IUMS