Qara Daghi condemns Al-Jazeera’s journalists jail and others in Egypt

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Doctor Sheikh Ali Qara Dagi - General Secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars -denounced the judgment of Al-Jazeera network journalists jail in Egypt for three years, stressing that the coup and institutions of authority are seeking to prevent the voice of truth, and the truth to reach people, saying the referee is a political decision that prevent the freedom, and a bullet aimed against every free and peer person.

Qara Daghi also confirmed that he denounces as well as all detention decisions and imprisonment for dozens and perhaps hundreds of journalists and media in Egypt, which reached the death penalty against them, demanding to stop these politicized arbitrary decisions and immediate release of the journalists of Al-Jazeera and all the journalists imprisoned unjustly in the coup prisons in Egypt.

Qara Daghi also called on international human rights institutions and other on pressing for immediate release of all unjustly imprisoned in Egypt since the military coup in Egypt on July 3, 2013 and continuing until this day.